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ANNOUNCEMENT. In the year 2022 a newsletter for victim souls was published    

It is no longer possible to publish the newsletter, but a great amount of reading material is available free here, if you are interested in this theme of how to save souls, and how to solve the problems of the world, with the solution that Our Lord himself has given us.   

In 1969 Our Lord said to the Portavoz (Maria Concepcion) that it is URGENT for the work fo atonement to be realized. You can help in this work, by offering your little sorrows and sufferings to God, in union with the sorrows of Christ, with patience, for the salvation of your own soul, and for the salvation of the souls of your neighbors.   

We are living in grave times, in which the prophecies of Fatima, of La Salette, and of Akita, will all be fulfilled, even down to the least details, and even the prophecies of Isaiah and Ezechiel will be accomplished.   Every little prayer, sacrifice or good action helps. Please do what you can. Like the disciples at the Last Supper, you will have sorrow now, but your sorrow will be turned into joy (John 16:20), a joy that will be shared with the souls you helped to save, a joy that will last for the endless ages of eternity. (Is. 35)   

ADDENDUM. To comprehend how the prophecies of the Old Testament can be fufilled in the modern world, see A Prophecy Fulfilled, by Charles Reed. Also Three Days of Darkness and the Scriptures.
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 Victim Souls  Newsletters -

A Newsletter for the Latter Times
What a terrific letter! Thanks for this; it is like a wonderful rain storm refreshing this parched Earth.  And for me who can't get to Mass today or tomorrow, first Saturday, but l will offer Sunday Mass for your intentions.  Yes, may all be for the Glory of God!      -- Miss C., USA


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Value  of  the  Story  of  Little  Peter

Peter d'Airelle was a child in France who offered himself to die, in order to save his father, Captain d'Airelle, who was living in mortal sin.
Captain d'Airelle was converted just a few hours after his son died.

This story is an example of the value of victimhood, in helping, rescuing, saving and glorifying immortal souls. It can be read in 15 minutes.
"Eye has not seen, nor has it entered into the heart of man," (1 Cor. 2:9), the immense joy Peter and his family possess, in the glory of Paradise. And the joy began, even before Peter left this earth. Victimhood produces joy, even in this life.

Story  of  Little  Peter, in newsletter

Story  of  Little  Peter,  without newsletter

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Their voice has gone out through all the earth,
and their words to the end of the world. --- Psalm 18:5

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* A Treasury of Atonement, by Charles Reed
The Lord shall open unto thee his good treasure.-- Deuteronomy 28:12 - Who has known the mind of the Lord? – Rom. 11:34
CHRIST Our Lord said: “Therefore every scribe who is instructed unto the kingdom of heaven, is like unto a man that is a householder, who bringeth forth out of his treasure things new and old.” This is a short collection of quotations from the vast treasure house of the church, about suffering,reparation, atonement,  and the cross. No matter how much you have read, you can always find something new. Christ said that he would make all things new, (Apoc. 21:5) that he would establish a new covenant, and put new wine into new bottles. We have now arrived at the newest, the most recent, the last, and perhaps the best, period of human history. “Every man at the beginning doth set forth good wine; and when men have well drunk, then that which is worse: but thou hast kept the good wine until now.” (Read More Here) -

Two New Essays -- by Charles Reed
Is the Church the Kingdom of God? -
Are Animals in Paradise? -
Letter of Ann Butler. With Commentary by Charles Reed
Mother of Alban Butler, author of Lives of the Saints

At the age of eight, Alban Butler lost his father and mother. The latter, just before she died, wrote to him and his two brothers, the following beautiful letter.


Since it pleases almighty God to take me out of this world, as no doubt wisely foreseeing I am no longer a useful parent to you, (for no person ought to be thought necessary in this world, when God thinks proper to take them out;) so I hope you will offer the loss of me with a resignation suitable to the religion you are of, and offer yourselves. He who makes you orphans so young, without a parent to take care of you, will take (Read More Here) -

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                   Charity + Immolation

             Through Mary and with Mary
The Apostolic Roman Catholic Church Will triumph under the cross of Christ
- . . .  Is victimhood necessary for salvation?

A prayer card of Maria Concepción Zúñiga will be sent free, to anyone who requests it. Write to: [email protected]

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NewPractical  Norms  for  Victim  Souls - how to offer reparation in your daily life

The greatest reward I can give a soul, is to make her a victim of my love and mercy,
rendering her like myself, who am the divine Victim for sinners. --- Our Lord to Josefa Menendez, June 30, 1921. France.

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1. Reading for Victim Souls
2. Devotion to Mary
3. Prayers for victim souls, Mass attendance, sacramentals
4. Humility of body and soul
5. Moderate schedule for Radio, TV and internet
6. The passion of Christ continues today
7. Reparation for a Very Frequent Sin

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Video: Legion of Little Victims. 1.5 minutes

Legion of Victim Souls 

Victimhood is an Apostolate 

WE will say a word about what victimhood is in the ranks of the Church, so it may be noted that it is not only for contemplatives, but that the offering of oneself as victim is perhaps even more for those who follow the active life or aspire to the apostolate, for the welfare of many and for the greater glory of God.

In general all religious victimhood is an apostolate and a perfect apostolate, since when a soul offers itself as a victim, a profoundly apostolic spirit inspires it. Its purpose is the good of others; its stimulus, zeal for the glory of God and the salvation of souls. A feeling of heroic generosity urges it to devote itself to seeking souls even at the expense of its own life, and Jesus said: "Greater love than this no man hath, that a man lay down his life for his friends." (Jn. 15:13)
 Such are the dispositions of the soul of the apostle, and those of the victim soul are identical; dispositions which, as St. Paul says, make the Apostle "not seek that which is profitable to itself, but to many, that they may be saved." (1 Corinthians 10:33)
In a wonderful manner, the victim soul concentrates the zeal of an apostle in its Offering. This multiphasic spirit of holy zeal blazes in the Apostle of the Gentiles when he says: "I became to the Jews a Jew; to them that were without the law, as if I were without the law; to the weak, I became weak," and finally, "I became all things to all men, that I might save all." (1 Cor. 9:20-22)
The victim soul, feeling burn within itself that divine flame of the fire that Christ came to bring to the earth (Lk. 12:49), on desiring to run over all the paths of God to rescue souls and to extend His Kingdom, and on finding itself incapable of satiating its burning desire with finite works, resolves upon the happy idea of victimhood, making it consist of a complete and true apostolate.
The model of this apostolic spirit, concentrated in victimhood and bearing the fruits of a true apostolate, may be found in Saint Therese of the Infant Jesus, as she herself tells us, when she began the victimhood to Merciful Love, under divine inspiration, while meditating on the First Epistle of St. Paul to the Corinthians and, wanting to embrace all vocations, that of apostle and martyr, she found in LOVE the key to her vocation, offering herself to it as a victim in holocaust. And she exclaims, delirious with joy: "So I shall be everything in the Mystical Body of the Holy church, and so my dreams will be fulfilled."
In this way, by means of her hidden victimhood, the holy contemplative, the Carmelite virgin, has come to be a unique type of apostle in the ranks of the Church, because victimhood exercises a supernatural apostolate, whose fruit is extraordinary. The development of this apostolate is effected secretly between God and the soul, without the soul itself being able to conceive the copious fruit of its noble mission.
But the real element in the apostolate of victims is perfected, it can be said, by means of the essential lives of the souls themselves, once accepted by God, Who with wise providence will dispose of them in conformance with His designs, to which they have, beforehand, offered themselves, setting aside their own will, in such a way that not everything in victimhood is reduced to the mystical. If it happens that their labor does not consist in exterior works, nevertheless, it consists certainly in effective and real works, which is the life of constant immolation that the victim must bear and offer to God with a propitiatory intention. The victim "sows in tears, but surely reaps in joy." (Psalm 125:5)
Because the victim has the guarantee of the One who said: "Amen, amen I say to you, that you shall lament and weep, but the world shall rejoice; and you shall be made sorrowful, but your sorrow shall be turned into joy." (Jn. 16:20) Because the joy of the victim and of the apostle is in the harvest, in the fruit of his labor; but, while the apostle, on sowing the seed of the divine word, loses part of the harvest, because the birds steal the seed or because it falls on bad soil (Mt. 13:3-8) or because the fruit of his labor is mixed with the cockle (Mt. 13:27), the victim knows that its treasure is safe, kept in heavenly coffers, where it "does not grow old, where no thief approacheth, nor moth corrupteth." (Lk. 12:33)
Because the One who said: "Heaven and earth shall pass away, but My words shall not pass away," (Lk. 21:33) promised to all those who work for His Kingdom, in the secret of their hearts, without ostentatious works which receive the applause of man: that they will be rewarded by His Heavenly Father "who seeth in secret" (Mt. 6:4) and who heeds the heart more than the works.
From what has been explained we will come to the conclusion that victimhood must not be considered of less value than an apostolate, since in itself it is a perfect and complete apostolate, since it joins to the works the interior life, this being the pre-eminent part, without which every apostolate would be in vain and fruitless.

The Book of Psalms says that "unless the Lord build the house, they labor in vain that build it." (Psalm 126:1) St Paul says to the Corinthians: "Therefore, neither he that planteth is anything, nor he that watereth; but God that giveth the increase." (1 Cor. 3:7) And the same Apostle in his Epistles, repeatedly protests that the fruit of his apostolate was not so much in his preaching, but rather in the grace acquired from God through the means of the sacrifice of his life, through the means of prayer. To sum it up: his apostolate was fruitful because of his victimhood. He confesses this openly to the Ephesians, when he exhorts them not to be wanting in faith on seeing him persecuted and in tribulation, because, he tells them "Wherefore I pray you not to faint at my tribulations for you, which is your glory." (Eph. 3:13) For this was the "hidden mystery" of the fruit that he gathered among them by his preaching. The same apostle says to the Philippians: "Now, brethren, I desire you should know that the things which have happened to me, have fallen out rather to the furtherance of the gospel." (Phil. 1:12)
And the Apostle rejoices at being immolated and a victim for their faith (Ibid. 2:7) And he says the same sort of thing again when he writes to the Thessalonians: "For our gospel hath not been unto you in word only, but in power also, and in the Holy Ghost." (1 Thess. 1:5) because, in the second chapter of that same letter, the Apostle insists that his preaching among them was not in vain, because of his first having suffered and been mistreated. (Ibid. 2:1-2) [Read More Here]
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 Legion of Victim Souls, by Maria Concepcion Zuniga.  Download PDF * 56 pages
Imprimatur, 1966.IMPRIMATUR: Fidel de Santa María Cortez Perez, bishop of Chilapa, Mexico.--We extend a blessing to the souls who present themselves as victims, by offering their works and sufferings to Divine Justice, in reparation for the sins of mankind. --July 3, 1966  NIHIL OBSTAT: Pbro. Carlos Guevara (Censor): Judgment of the Censor: "The doctrine of victimhood is sound, through its quotations from the Psalms and the New Testament. The souls with vocations will find in this pamphlet sound reasons for agreeing to be victims." --Iguala, Guerrero, March 27, 1966 ------------- "Read this text (Legion of Victim Souls) with a simple and proper spirit, and I promise to give you the graces necessary to participate in the work of atonement. I, Christ, your Redeemer and Master, promise it to you.This is the last revelation my Victim Heart makes to men.
My peace be with all those who believe in my messages given through your mediation.
I am honored and served by those who believe me."
---- Our Lord to Maria Concepcion Zuniga. 1973.Legion of Victim Souls -- Download TXT ---- Download PDF 56 pages --Penitential Rosary -- Download TXT -- Download PDF 16 pages-- Explains the value of praying with arms in the form of a cross

My Best Book -- Download PDF 32 pages-- Download TXT
Laments of Jesus, Victim -- Download PDF 43 Pages. -- Download TXT
Warnings and Voices from Beyond the Grave -- Download TXT 16 pages-- Warnings and Voices from Beyond the Grave
How My Father Was Converted
Words of Christ to a Soul: 1932 -- Download PDF 7 Pages.

 Victim soul, concept of

The concept of the victim soul derives from the Roman Catholic Church's teaching on redemptive suffering. Such a person is said to be one chosen by God to suffer more than most people during life, and who generously accepts the suffering, based on the example of Christ's own Passion. Neither the Catholic Church, nor any other Christian denomination, officially designates anyone as a victim soul. --     (Read More Here)

A Crusade of Victim Souls -

In the last one hundred and fifty years the Church has seen an unprecedented call from our Lord and Blessed Mother for victim souls, a gift of God in view of the crisis the Church and world is undergoing. The ways of God are not the ways of the world. He will raise up a transformed priesthood, pierce the darkness of Satan and usher in the new Pentecost with the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, not through more programs, but through His “hidden force”, a crusade of victim souls. Therese of Lisieux is one of these souls. .... (Read More Here)

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Legion of Little Victims (video)

 Morning Offering -

 A prayer to promise to God everything in your day, with the intent to repair the personal sins, and the sins of others.

A Newsletter for the Latter Times

What a terrific letter! Thanks for this; it is like a wonderful rain storm refreshing this parched Earth.  And for me who can't get to Mass today or tomorrow, first Saturday, but l will offer Sunday Mass for your intentions.  Yes, may all be for the Glory of God!       -- Miss C., USA

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Sorrows and Privation

Abba Markos once asked the holy Arsenios why it is, that the most pious and virtuous people pass through the world with numerous sorrows and in privation.

"Sorrows, for those who accept them with forbearance," the holy one answered, "Are the salt that prevents putrefaction by sins; moreover, sorrows allow the soul to approach heaven cleansed."

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Greater love has no one

God needs our suffering, to be used by virtue of the Communion of Saints, to assist other souls in their redemption.

God sends the heaviest crosses to those He calls His own,
And the bitterest drops of the chalice are reserved for His friends alone.
But the blood red drops are precious, and the crosses are all gain,
For Joy is bought with Sacrifice, and the price of love is Pain.
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Advice of Jan Pot to St. Lydwine of Schiedam 

Our Lord determined that the darkness had lasted long enough for the poor girl. He then tore it aside in the light of grace. Then he confided to a human intermediary, to a priest named Jan Pot, the care of explaining to her her vocation, and of consoling her.

Who was this Jan Pot, her confessor at the same time as Dom Andre, the Curé of Schiedam? Gerlac and Kempis speak of him as being that ecclesiastic who came to communicate her when she had obtained permission to partake of the Lord's Supper twice a year. He does not appear to have held the Cure in very great esteem, for it was he who announced to Lydwine with joy, says Gerlac, that the cats had eaten the capons. Where did he come from? What was his position in the town? How did he know the Saint? To all these questions we have no answer. However, if we compare two passages, one in Gerlac and the other in Brugman, both relating to a Schiedam magistrate's temptation to suicide, of which we shall speak further on, we may perhaps gather that Jan Pot was the curate of the parish. Anyhow, we can feel assured that he was truly sent by GOD, to explain Lydwine's mission to her and to direct her.

After having one day spoken the ordinary common-places suitable to the sick, he concluded simply: "My daughter, till now you have neglected to meditate sufficiently on the Passion of Christ. Do so in future, and you will see that GOD'S yoke of loving suffering will become easy.St. Lydwina of Schiedam

Accompany Him to the Garden of Olives, to Pilate, to Golgotha, and say to yourself that when death prevents His further suffering, all is not finished, that you must further, like a faithful widow, accomplish the last wishes of your Spouse, and supply by your sufferings, what are still necessary to His."

Lydwine listened without really understanding what these words meant. She thanked him for having been so kind to her, and when he was gone she tried to profit by his advice and pondered over it. But it was in vain that she tried to represent to herself the scenes of Calvary; her thoughts wandered, and her own torments interested her more than those of Jesus. She tried to get the better of herself by adopting a method which Jan Pot had briefly indicated, to facilitate the practice of this exercise; she forced herself to rally her thoughts, and concentrate them on the Saviour; but they quickly returned to herself. Then she completely lost her head. When she had recovered a little, she summoned all her strength to apply blinkers to the eyes of the spirit, so as to prevent her looking to one side or the other, and to force herself to follow only one track; but neither did this meet with any success, for the soul obstinately refused to advance. This effort to control her thoughts utterly exhausted her, and this she very frankly confessed to Jan Pot when he visited her again. "Father," she said, "I wish to obey you, but I do not understand anything at all about meditation. When I struggle to consider the tortures of Christ, I can think of nothing but my own. The yoke of Christ has not, as you assured me it would, become lighter. Ah! if you knew its weight!"

Jan Pot did not appear the least surprised at this result. He praised Lydwine for her attempt, and patiently explained to her that her parched condition, her want of energy, the wandering of her thoughts, her inability to concentrate on one sole point, were nevertheless graces. He made her understand that prayer recited by compulsion may be the most agreeable that GOD can receive, seeing that it is the only one that costs the utterer dear. He said to her, with St. Gertrude, that if the Saviour always accorded inward consolations, they would be harmful, for they would render the soul tender, and diminish the powers it had acquired; and it is probable that, after this preamble, he firmly tore away the veil which hid the future, and revealed to her her vocation as a victim on earth, illustrating his meaning by St. Paul's phrase, "to complete the sufferings of Christ." (Colossians 1:24) He certainly explained to her the law whereby we are all sharers in the evil of the world, and the law that out of evil may come good; that, as all are partakers in Adam's sin, so also all are partakers in our redemption by Our Saviour. In other words, each one is, up to a certain point, responsible for the faults of others, and ought also, up to a certain point, to expiate them; and each can also, if it so please GOD, attribute in a certain measure the merits which he possesses or acquires, to those who have none, or who will not acquire them.

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I now rejoice in my sufferings for you, and fill up those things that are wanting of the sufferings of Christ, in my flesh, for his body, which is the church. -- St. Paul, Colossians 1:24

These laws have been put forth by the Almighty, and He has first observed them, in applying them to the Person of His Son. The Father consented that the Word should take the sins of the world to Himself, and should pay the ransom for others. He willed that His satisfactions which could not benefit Himself, since He was innocent and perfect, should profit the miscreants, the guilty, all the sinners whom He had come to purchase. He willed that the Saviour should be the first to present the example of mystic substitution, of the reparation of Him who owes nothing, for him who owes all; and Jesus wished that certain souls should inherit the succession to His sacrifice. Indeed the Saviour cannot suffer again Himself, having ascended to His Father and the joy of Heaven; His task of redemption was accomplished with His blood, His tortures finished with His death.

If He is still to suffer here below, it can only be in His Church, in the members of His mystic body. Those souls given to reparation who re-act the anguish of Calvary, who nail themselves to the empty place of Jesus on the Cross, are in some sort the counterparts of the Son. They reflect His suffering face in a mirror of blood. They do more, for they alone give this all powerful GOD something He would otherwise lack; the possibility of suffering again for us. They satisfy this desire which has survived His death, for it is as infinite as the love which engenders it; they dispense to this marvellous Poor man the alms of tears; they restore to Him in His joy, that sacrifice which is denied Him.

Jan Pot, explaining all this to Lydwine, added, "And if these souls, capable like their Creator of being chastised for the crimes of which they are not guilty, did not exist, it would be with the universe, as it would be with our own country, without the protection of the dykes. It would be engulfed by the tide of sins, like Holland by the flow of the waves.

"They are then, at one and the same time, the benefactors of Heaven and Earth. " But, my daughter, when a soul reaches this height, the manner of suffering changes. GOD in some way intermingles the extreme sensations of beatitude and grief, so that they amalgamate.
Where is the one, and what remains of the other? One cannot say; it is the incomprehensible fusion of an excess and a lack of moral energy, and the soul would burst under the pressure, if the pain of the body did not intervene to permit it to recover breath, so that it may the better rejoice. In short, it is by the steps of suffering, that one makes the ascent of joy. "At the actual moment your spiritual being is inflamed, but you suffer because you do not wish to suffer; the secret of your distress lies there. Gather up and offer to GOD that suffering which causes you to despair, and He will lighten it! He will reward you with such compensations, that the moment will come when you will cry: 'But I have cheated Him! He has contracted with me on false terms! I offered myself to expiate by the most terrible chastisements the transgressions of the world, and He fills me with a measureless joy, a happiness that knows no bounds. He exiles me, He dispossesses me. He disembarrasses me of myself, for it is He who laughs and weeps, it is He who lives in me!'" When this happens, I will say what I say now. Do not be uneasy.

Our Saviour knows very well that He has lent Himself to this fraud, but He only loves those who feel thus. "Your vocation is clear; it consists in sacrificing yourself for others, in making reparation for faults you have not committed, in the practice of a sublime and truly divine charity." Say to Jesus: I wish to place myself on your cross. 

He, your Saviour, will take you at your word! They will bring Him the thorns, the gimlet, the cords, the sponge, the vinegar, the lance; but when He sees you stretched on the gibbet, suspended between heaven and earth, as He was upon the wood of the Cross, not yet able to attain the firmament, but no longer touching the earth, His heart will melt with pity, and He will not wait till His iustice is satisfied before taking you down. Like Nicodemus and Joseph of Arimathea, He will support your head, whilst the blessed Virgin lays you on her knees; but there will be no more tears; Mary will smile, Magdalen will weep no longer, and will embrace you gaily like an elder sister!" Lydwine's eyes were opened; she began to understand the causes of the incredible sufferings she endured. She accepted willingly this mission, which the Redeemer had called her to fulfil; but how should she proceed?

"In following the advice which I have given you," said the priest, "to meditate ceaselessly on the Passion of Christ, it is necessary that ycu should not be discouraged, and because you did not succeed at the first attempt in being carried away outside yourself, you must not renounce an exercise which will lead you without fail, when you are accustomed to it, to lose your own will and follow that of the divine Spouse." Do not imagine, either, that your trial is longer and more bitter than that of the Cross, which was relatively short, and that after all, many martyrs suffered torments more barbarous and more lasting than those of Our Saviour, when they suffered the wheel, grilling, or flaying with iron combs, when they were forced into red-hot helmets, boiled in oil, sawn asunder, or slowly ground between the millstones.
For nothing is more untrue, and no torture can compare with that of Jesus." Think of the prelude to the Passion in the Garden of Gethsemane, of that inexpressible moment when He put His divinity in some manner in suspense, despoiled Himself of His power of becoming insensible, so that He might the better debase Himself to the level of His creatures and to their mode of suffering. In a word, during the drama of Calvary, humanity predominated in the GOD man, and this was exquisite pain. When He felt Himself become suddenly weak under the terrible burden of iniquities which He was called upon to bear, He trembled and fell on His face.

"The darkness of night overtook Him and formed a great frame for pictures lighted by who can tell what lurid colouring. On a background of menacing light the centuries defiled before Him, bringing with them the idolatries and incests, the sacrileges and murders, all the old misdeeds perpetrated since the fall of the first man, and they were saluted, acclaimed as they passed by the evil angels! Overcome, Jesus lowered His eyes. When He raised them these phantoms of past generations had vanished, but the wickedness of that Judea which He had evangelized teemed before Him and filled Him with anger. He saw Judas, He saw Caiaphas, He saw Pilate, He saw Saint Peter, He saw the debased creatures who were going to spit on His face and crown Him with drops of blood. The Cross rose ominous on the disordered heavens, and groans were heard from out of Limbo. He rose, but seized with vertigo He swayed and sought an arm to sustain Him. He was alone." Then He dragged Himself to His disciples, who slept, and woke them.

They looked at Him alarmed and fearful, asking themselves if this man with agitated gestures and eyes full of emotion was indeed that Jesus who had been transfigured before them on Mount Tabor, with His visage resplendent and His robe as of snow on fire. The Saviour smiled in pity; He only reproached them because they had not watched, and after having returned to them twice, He left them whilst He agonized alone, apart." He knelt to pray, but now it was no longer a question of past or present; it was a question of the future which was even more to be dreaded. The future centuries succeeded each other, showing territories which changed, towns which developed, even seas changed in form, and continents which were no longer recognizable. Only men remained the same, under a different dress; they stole and assassinated, they persisted in crucifying their Saviour to satisfy their lusts, and their passion for gain. In surroundings varying with the ages, the same golden calf was erected and reigned. Inebriate with grief, Jesus sweated blood and cried: 'Father, if Thou wilt, take away this cup.' Then he added, resigned: 'Thy will, not mine!' "Here then, my daughter, you see that these preliminary tortures surpass all that your imagination is capable of conceiving; they were so intense, that the human nature of Christ would have been broken, and He would not have reached Golgotha alive, if angels had not come to console Him; and yet the climax of His sufferings was not yet attained. That was only reached upon the Cross. Without doubt His physical torture was horrible, but how small a thing it was when confronted with those others!

For on the Cross it was the assault of all the united ignominies of all time, the opprobrium of past, present and future, melted and concentrated into a sort of corrosive essence, in which He was overwhelmed. It was something like a charnel-house of hearts, a pestilence of souls, who threw themselves on the wood of the Cross to infect it. This cup which He had accepted to drink poisoned the very air! The angels who had assisted the Saviour in the Garden of Gethsemane did not any longer intervene; they wept, cast to the ground before this abominable murder of GOD; the sun vanished, the earth uttered horrible groanings, the terrified rocks were on the point of opening. Then Jesus uttered a loud cry: 'Father, why hast Thou forsaken me?'

And he died. "Think of all that, Lydwine, and assure yourself your sufferings are as nothing compared with those. Call to mind the unforgettable scenes in the Garden of Gethsemane and of Golgotha; look at the head of the Spouse, insulted by blows and crowned with thorns; put your steps in His footprints, and the stages will become easy, the forced marches light." And the good man left her, having promised to come again.

Lydwine was generous; she gave herself without reserve, as a beast of burden to carry the load of sins; but this oblation did not free her, nor lighten any of her pains. When she would stop in meditation at the halts of the stations, she stumbled like one who has had his eyes veiled and cannot, when first released, walk straight. She quitted once more the road to Calvary, to wander in little paths which insensibly led her back to her point of departure, her own sufferings. God considered her in silence and made no movement. Naturally she was agitated; she believed that Jan Pot had inflicted an impossible task upon her, and melted again into tears. She was ready to sink under despair, when Easter burst upon the liturgical cycle of the year. Then the good Jan Pot took with him the Saviour under the elements of the Sacrament, and said: "My child, till now I have talked of the martyrdom of Jesus. I need no longer do so, for it is He Himself who will knock at the door of your heart and speak to you."

And he communicated her. Immediately her soul was stirred and overwhelmed by love, by a fiery stream surrounding as with a nimbus the sweat-covered Face, which she contemplated in the most profound depths of her being, as the very source of her personality.

Carried away with grief and joy, she no longer took count of her wretched body; the groans which her tortures had wrung from her disappeared in her cries of hosannah. Drunk with a divine inebriety, she wandered in mind with no further consciousness of self than to collect a bouquet of her sufferings, and offer it to the divine Host, in the hope that it might find acceptance.

Then her tears flowed for two entire weeks in a rain of love, which at last saturated the almost dead soil. The celestial gardener spread His seed, and at once the flowers of the Passion arose. Those meditations on the death of the Redeemer, which had so harassed her, now never tired her; the sight of the divine Spouse in agony took her into His very presence and outside herself. What she now yearned after was not the jubilant health of her comrades, but the silent tenderness of Veronica, who had been so fortunate as to wipe the blood from the face of Christ. Ah! to be Magdalen; to be the Cyrenean, the man to whom was reserved that unique privilege, that unique glory, of helping GOD to transport the sins of the world with His Cross!

She would have wished to be amongst them, making herself useful in seme way, in passing the water to the holy women, the herbs, the basin, the sponge to wash the wounds; she would have wished to be their servant, to render them humble service without being seen.

It seemed to her now that she was placing her feet in the footsteps of the Son; that in suffering she carried away a part of His griefs and thereby diminished them; and she was ambitious to snatch them all from Him, reproaching Him for keeping too many. She complained of the inadequacy of her tortures, of the parsimony with which He afflicted her; and without ceasing she moved forward an assiduous pilgrim on the road to Calvary. In imitation of the Psalmist, she prayed seven times a day. She created canonical hours for her own use; she divided the day into seven parts, and the drama of the Passion into the same number, and she seemed to have a time-piece in the spirit, so exact was she in meditating on the subject corresponding with the hour, without ever being a minute in advance or a second behind. And yet her bodily torments were increasing. Her toothache had become so violent that her head trembled, and fever racked her with alternating heat and cold. When the access was most violent she spat up a red-coloured water and fell into such weakness that it was impossible for her either to speak a single word or hear anyone talk; but instead of abandonmg herself to despair, as was formerly her habit, she thanked GOD for thus slaking the thirst of His tortures.

They asked her sometimes if she was always desirous, as formerly, to be healed, and she replied: "No, there is but one thing now that I desire; it is, not to be deprived of my discomforts and pains." And bravely she took a further step, and addressed herself to Christ.

The Carnival was near, and thinking of the increase of sins it would cause at Schiedam, because of the indulgences of the feast, she cried: "Lord, revenge Thyself on me for the additional offences which these feasts will inflict on Thee!" And her prayer was immediately answered; she experienced such an acute pain in the leg, that she was silent, and asked for nothing more.

She endured this martyrdom heroically, which ceased indeed only on the day of the Resurrection, and repeated to those whose pity took the form of complaints, that she would very willingly submit to such sufferings for forty years and more, if she knew she would obtain in exchange the conversion of one sinner, or the deliverance of one soul from Purgatory.

After she had entered the way of mystic substitution and had, of her own free will, offered herself as the scapegoat for the sins of the world, Jesus threw His dominion upon her, and she lived that abnormal existence wherein griefs serve as a means of procuring joy. The more she suffered, the more she was satisfied, and the more she wished to suffer. She knew that she was not alone now, that her tortures had but one aim, that they tended to the good of the Church, and that they palliated the offences of the living and the dead. She knew that it was for the glory of GOD that the perfumed flower-bed of her wounds raised both humble and magnificent flowers. She could verify, by her own experiences, the justice of a reply of St. Felicitas to the railleries of an executioner who was jeering at her cries, when she lay in prison, before being thrown to the wild beasts in the arena. "What will you do when you are being devoured by the beasts?" asked this man. And the Saint replied:" It is I who suffer now, but then, when I have been martyred, it will be another who will suffer for me, because I shall suffer for Him."

Taken from "Saint Lydwine of Schiedam," by J.K. Huysmans. Ch. VI. --- Saint Lydwine of Schiedam. By J.K. Huysmans. • Lydwina of Schiedam • Lidwina (Wiki) -- Biography of Lydwina by Thomas a Kempis - PDF -

 St. Lydwina of Schiedam -

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 Lifting the Veil. Website in honor of holy devotions dedicated to our Lord Jesus Christ.Our Lord

Holy Wounds Devotion. Our Lord promised very special graces for those who practice this devotion.  -- "The invocations of the Holy Wounds will obtain an incessant victory for the Church." Our Lord to Sister Martha Mary Chambon. 

Holy Wounds Rosary -

Revelations of Saint Gertrude -


Complete Works:  Legion of Victim Souls & Order of Atonement (available on

 Rev. Mother Maria Concepcion Zuniga Lopez, The Franciscan Minims of the Perpetual Help of Mary, The House of Atonement,  Vergel, Mexico MariaConcepcion

 Messages from Heaven to the Portavoz of Jesus in Mexico 1969 – 1970, Volume I

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 Messages From Heaven To The Portavoz Of Jesus In Mexico 1970 – 1971, Volume II

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 Messages From Heaven To The Portavoz Of Jesus In Mexico 1972 – 1973, Volume III

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 Messages From Heaven To The Portavoz Of Jesus In Mexico 1974, Volume IV

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 Messages From Heaven To The Portavoz Of Jesus In Mexico 1975 Volume V
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 Messages From Heaven To The Portavoz Of Jesus In Mexico 1976 1977 Volume VI

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 Messages From Heaven To The Portavoz Of Jesus In Mexico 1978 1979 Volume VII

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 Holy Roman Sacrifice Of The Mass Tridentine  Of Pius V

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 Victimhood of Little Souls To the Divine Justice

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 Legion of Victim Souls

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   Penitential Rosary 
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 Laments of Jesus, Victim

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 Novena In Honor of Our Lady of Perpetual Help

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 Intimate Revelations of The Word Incarnate - Portavoz

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 My Best Book - Autobiography of Maria Concepcion Zuniga Lopez

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 How My Father Was Converted

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 Further Messages And Warnings From Our Lord To Portavoz For The Vatican, Hierarchy, And Souls

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 Publications Of The Franciscan Minims Of The Perpetual Help Of Mary

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 The Mass and the Passion -

Messages from Heaven to the Messenger of Jesus.
1969 -- 1970. Download PDF -

 The World Ends Every Day
, short essay by Charles Reed -

Every time that a soul dies and enters into eternity, time is ended for that soul. All his opportunities for choosing between good and evil have ended. He has made his final decision, to be either for Christ or against him, and he or she will face the consequences of that decision for all eternity. When a person dies, time ends for him. The world, with all its vanities, defects and sins, no longer exists for him, it has passed away. Christ the supreme Judge comes in glory to pronounce the sentence. "Come, blessed, or depart, accursed." (Matthew 25). [Read More Here]

"Remember, daughter, that I have taught you always that, on the last day of time, My Justice will be exalted and glorified as much by the just who are saved, as by the reprobate who are condemned forever in the eternal fire with the fallen angels." (April, 1970. Mexico City.)
The Prayer of Thanksgiving, A Secret of Happiness, by Charles Reed -

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Notice: Charles Reed is the pseudonym of John Henderson Stansberry, a former religious brother in the congregation of the Franciscan Minims in Mexico City.
In the year 1978, (one year before the death of Maria Concepcion), a tragic incident happened in the congregation. Many years later John still felt guilty about it, and determined to write a report. Eventually the document turned into a short book, named "Mount Zion Revisited." The pseudonym Charles was used to protect the good reputation of all the persons involved. It is available in PDF format on the web. Writings of Charles Reed also include translations and short antholigies that he made, and editorials of the magazine "Reflections from the Franciscan Minims" published in English in Mexico City from 1990 to 2005. The magazine had a circulation of about 300, in the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia and Africa.
"Mount Zion Revisited" was written as a roman a clef (novel with a key), in order to make known controversial topics, and to report inside information about scandal and abuse of power, without harming the good reputation of those involved, living and deceased.


Our Lady of Perpetual Help  . . Devotions to Our Lady of Perpetual HelpDevotions to Our Mother of Perpetual Help -

How Can One Become a Victim Soul?
--- Victimado de las Almas Pequeñas — ESPAÑOL.
Reparation or Chastisement: the Choice is Ours. 54 min.US Grace ForceUnited States Grace Force -

Catholic Laity for Orthodox Bishops and Reform. -- Begins 54-Day Novena of Rosaries= = = = = = = = = = = = =
Words of Our Lord from 1923
-- His Words Will be Light and Life -- Our Lord Speaks to Josefa Menendez

On Aug. 21, 1922, our Lord said to Josefa Menendez in France: "Having loved souls, I love them still. My Heart is not so much wounded by sin, as torn with grief that they will not take refuge with Me after it. I want to forgive, I want the world to know through my chosen ones, that my Heart is overflowing with love and mercy, and is waiting for sinners. Here, Josefa said, I told him that they know it already... He must not forget how wretched I am, and quite capable of obstructing all His plans. "I know well that souls do know it," He answered kindly, "but from time to time I must make them hear a fresh call. And now I want to use you, little and miserable one. You have but one thing to do: love Me and abandon yourself to My will. I will keep you hidden in My Heart, and none shall discover you. My words will not be read till after you are dead. Throw yourself, therefore, into My Heart, and with immense love I will sustain you. Do you not realize, Josefa, My fondness for you? Have I not given you enough proofs already?" And as Josefa again humbly put forward her many relapses. "I have foreseen them from all eternity, and that is why I love you," was all His reply. Two days later he said: "I want you to write, Josefa, I want to speak to you of the souls I so love. I want them always to be able to find in My words a remedy for their infirmities." In 1923 Our Lord said: "I want the world to be saved, peace and union to prevail everywhere. It is my will to reign, and reign I shall, through reparation made by chosen souls, and through a new realization by all men of my kindness, my mercy and my love. My words will be light and life for an incalculable number of souls. They will all be printed, read and preached, and I will grant very special grace, that by them souls may be enlightened and transformed." --- excerpt from "Way of Divine Love," p. 412. Gaze on my wounds and let yourself be guided by grace and by the desire to comfort me who am the victim of sin. Do not be afraid that your torments will ever equal mine; my grace will help you to do whatever I ask of you. -- Way of Divine Love, p. 280. Tell the Mother that my Heart allows and disposes all things in view of my work. -- WDL (Way of Divine Love), p. 220 Courage. I can give you no better gift than suffering. It is the self-same road that I trod. -- WDL, 65 If you surrender all, you will find everything in my Heart. -- WDL, 88 -- Way of Divine Love. Part 1. -- Download PDF --



Eternal Father, I offer Thee all my prayers, works, joys, sufferings, and all the Masses in the world, in union with the Passion and death of Our Lord, Jesus Christ, through the hands of Your beloved Daughter, blessed Mother, virginal Spouse, my Holy Mother Mary.  In union with the praise, adoration, and thanksgiving of St. Joseph, St. Michael, all the Angels and Saints and the Poor Souls in Purgatory.  In union with the prayers, joys, and sufferings of the (name your choice of religious group.)  I offer all this in reparation for the sins of all priests, religious, and for the sins of my family.

Rosary Meditations from the Mystical City of God, by Mary of Agreda. A thought for each Hail Mary of the Rosary. -- Download PDF -- Short Biography of Mary of Agreda -- The Assumption from City of God by Agreda  -- Rosary Meditations 12 page booklet, on Gloria TV -• Rosary Meditations * * [all formats: HTM, PDF, printed booklet, + "Descent of Christ into Hell"] -New! Prayer for the Souls in Purgatory

List of Printed Booklets -

Reflections from the Franciscan Minims: March 2001 Old issue of bi-monthly magazine of Franciscan Minims in Mexico
-- Other Issues of Reflections 2001--2005. Scroll down the page -
Why did the magazine Reflections cease to exist in 2005? Answer: Copy of a Letter - -Free Traditional Catholic Books

Reparación • Almas (español) -• Old Issues of Reflections. Bi-monthly magazine from Franciscan Minims in Mexico City.
Reality of Hell Apparitions of Condemned Souls 
The Truth about the Second Vatican Council. 1962-1965 Was it a hoax?

What Jesus Really Wants 

In 1938, Our Lord spoke to a Capuchin nun, Sister Consolata, in Italy and told her: "Do you know why I do not allow you many vocal prayers? Because an act of love is more fruitful.... Do not waste time, because every act of love represents a soul saved.... The greatest gift of all that you can offer to me is a day full of love.... I have rights over you. You told me that you love me! For this reason I desire an endless 'Jesus, Mary, I love you. Save souls!'"If a creature of good will loves me and will make of his life a single act of love, from waking up to falling asleep (of course, with his heart), I will do incredible things for that soul. I thirst for love.... I thirst for being loved by my creatures!Souls believe that an austere and penitent life is needed to come to me. Can you see how they misrepresent me? They picture me as fearsome, while I am just kind! How easily do they forget the precept that I have given to you: 'You will love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, etc.' Today, as yesterday, as tomorrow, I will ask My creatures for love--always and forever." -- (taken from "Jesus Appeals to the World," by Lorenzo Sales.)
See Unceasing Act of Love by Sister Consolata ---

Octavio Michelini (14 August 1906 - 15 October 1979) of Mirandola, Italy was an Italian Roman Catholic Priest, considered to be a mystic. In 1975 he began to publish books pertaining to his visions of Jesus and Mary. Attached are the six volumes. He wrote many things about the Priesthood, evils within the church, the world, and Vatican 11.
Click here, to access: Confidences of Jesus to a Priest, by Octavio Michelini

The Blessed Virgin as a Child, by Francisco Zurbarán. "This picture has earned for its author eternal salvation and that of many other souls." -- Our Lord to Madre Concepcion. April ---
Message of April 5, 1970

Prayers for a Holy Hour 
Sacrifice and suffering out of love for God. video. 5 min.
-- Chapel of the Blessed Sacrament --

Long-ago Prophecy Materializes Today 
Prophecies made in Ecuador three centuries ago are now being fulfilled completely.
Long-ago prophecy materializes today
  -- The Imminent Chastisement  for Not Fulfilling Our Lady’s Request 
By Father Paul Kramer, B.Ph., S.T.B., M.Div., S.T.L. (Cand.)

The following is an edited transcript of a speech given at the Ambassadors of Jesus and Mary Seminar in Glendale, California, September 24, 2004. How often we hear the questions, in the context of all the confusion in the Church, the troubles in the world, "What is it leading to? Where will it end?" We know exactly where it’s going to end, because Our Lady of Fatima said, "In the end, My Immaculate Heart will triumph ..." What is going to bring about that triumph were the words that followed, "In the end, My Immaculate Heart will triumph, the Holy Father will consecrate Russia to Me, Russia will be converted, and a period of peace will be given to the world."Unanimously, those who have spoken prophetically, and the apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary, tell us that there will be a great chastisement of the world. All of the most certain prophecies and apparitions tell us that it will be at the time when wickedness, when evil, seem to be triumphant, when all appears to be lost; as Our Lady said in Quito, Ecuador in 1634."My Time Will Come"She says "Then My time will come." The Miracle of Grace will break out upon the world. Evil will be destroyed, wickedness will be conquered. And it is all set forth in the Message of Fatima, in the Secret of Fatima, and most importantly in the third part of the Secret that is commonly called the Third Secret of Fatima. Our Lady said if people are going to continue to sin against God, then the world is going to be chastised. The very first request Our Lady made, was that people stop sinning against God, because God is already too much offended.

May the Virgin of Perpetual Help be loved, praised, invoked and eternally blessed!
May She be my hope, my love, my Mother, my refuge and my life.

Amen. Our Lady of Perpetual Help

Novena to Our Lady of Perpetual Help: 1 - 2 - 3 --- 4 - 5 - 6 --- 7 - 8 - 9 - Our Lady of Perpetual Help (Wikipedia)

The Glories of Mary, by St. Alphonsus de Liguori
Gories of Mary
by St. Alphonsus Liguori (audiobook)

Collection of Prophecies and warnings about the latter times

St. Raphael Oil -- A Blessed Sacramental  ---• A Luminous Cross Appeard in the Year 351 ---

Going to Heaven Is All That Matters

Attaining Heaven, the everlasting salvation and glorification of your soul, is the only thing in your life that matters at all. In fact it is the only goal that can really bring you true and lasting happiness. Are you sure that when you die you will go to Heaven, and live for ever and ever in happiness with God? In the 1950s Our Lady appeared to a nun, and explained to her how God had picked America to save the world. And America has saved the world from Communism, Hitler, Radical Islam and many other things. She warns of a great new war that will also hit America, unless we correct our immoral actions and acceptance of sins like abortion, contraception, lust, impurity and pride. Our Lady, terrible as an army in battle array, is fighting a spiritual war for the soul of America. She needs our help. ---

The Battle for the Soul of AmericaThe major reason why so many people go to Hell, is the sin of pride, rebellion and disobedience.

Greatest Sin of our time - This sin is when we decide what is good or bad, instead of just accepting what God teaches. In order to give a compellng example of this, we read about the life and death of Gloria Polo, who believed she was being a good Catholic, but died and was at the gates of Hell. Her sin was that she believed she was doing God’s will, because so many good people treated her as if she was a holy person.
Death -- Resurrection of Gloria Polo
 - Are you sure and certain that you are on the road to Heaven?If you believe in Heaven, you believe in the Bible, even if you do not know it, because that is the only place you can ever know about Heaven. One of the great sins mentioned in the Bible is SLOTH and the major sin of sloth is mental sloth; the greatest laziness is failure to study the word of God.Why is this laziness and indifference so sinful? In the third chapter of the Bible we learn that all Heaven was closed when Adam and Eve disobeyed God by eating from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Eve wanted to be like God by deciding what was good or evil.Then we read the first chapter of John’s Gospel, where we learn that Christ is the Word of God, and the Word created all that was created in the entire universe and everything that is written in the Bible.When asked “How can we go to Heaven”, Christ answered: ”Keep the commandments.” Simple as that! But do you think you are keeping the commandments when all you know is the Ten Commandments of Moses? If you read all the Bible you would see that in Leviticus God teaches us how to Love God and how to worship Him in the details and ceremonies of the priests and sacrifices. The book of Deuteronomy shows us how we must Love God.The main lesson of the Bible is that God was, little by little, creating a sacrifice, and he also established a visible kingdom to perpetuate this sacrifice. He put an earthly man, Peter and his successors, at the head of this kingdom, his church, and promised that he would not err in Faith and Morals, that he would be with Peter and his flock, his kingdom, until the end of the world.Many find this fact hard to believe, but you can study all the popes in history and never find one error, even from bad popes. Read Catholic Doctrine and you will love the way it was written, because in each law it gives the errors, the law and the reference in the Bible.If you know the laws of Christ (the Word of God) and know that you keep them, you can know you are going to Heaven.“The Church is not keeping up with the Times – God would not want me to do this”In the 1950s Catholics were Catholics; many are no longer, because they do not want to be out of touch with the modern world. "Friendship with this world is enmity with God." (Scripture) Attempting to change the church to the mentality of the modern world is sinful. It is a heresy condemned by the Popes, named Modernism.Saul Alinski (1909--1972) was a Jewish American community organizer. His book, Rules for Radicals was published in 1971, shortly before his death. Alinsky's principles have been applied over the last four decades by numerous government, labor, community, and congregation-based organizations. His book has helped to spread Modernism.In this book he outlined how to take over schools, the news media, the government, and even the history books. He planed to little by little to infiltrate the Churches and degrade the constitution of the USA. Most important is that he dedicated his book to Lucifer, the first radical. Morality was Alinski’s greatest enemy, and to overcome this he had to get moral teaching out of the schools, Churches and even government laws. His idea was to replace moral laws with Lucifer's laws of tolerance, non-judgmentalism, and acceptance of all point of views.He even wanted laws against speaking out against any kind of sin. Alinski's followers infiltrated the schools and churches and led the progressive movement in politics. Progressives believe that the constitution is old fashioned and needs to be re-interpreted to fit the modern world. This plan was so successful that it produced the greatest sin of our age, ‘That our conscience is the God of good or evil.’ This concept is what Lucifer wanted Eve to believe, and this is a sure way to hell. --
= = = = = = = = = --

 The Truth about the Second Vatican Council - Was it a hoax?

The Work of Atonement is the highest consecration that one can make, to surrender oneself to Jesus in doing His Divine Will.Christian Writings
Requirements  to  Become  a  Victim-Soul

• Daily Mass
• Monthly Confession
• Morning Offering
• Daily Rosary
• Own personal devotions
• Should wear Miraculous and St. Benedict medal, as well as a Brown Scapular. --

Benefits  of  Victimhood
• Victim-Souls never see Purgatory, they will see Heaven
• Special Graces from the Blessed Mother and Her Son
• Receive greater merits for prayers and Holy Masses
• You become the apple of the Father's eye, because you desire to imitate His Son
• Victim-Souls united with victimhood are holding back the great chastisement
• The purpose of victimhood is to release suffering souls from Purgatory, and to save sinners from the horror of eternal condemnation.

Consecration  of  the  Legion  of  Victim  Souls
LORD my God, you have asked everything of your little servant: take and receive everything, then.

(See "Victimhood of Little Souls" in the list of free atonement booklets, for complete consecration.)

Download free booklets here: Atonement Booklets
* New Booklets: - Rejoicing in God -- commentary on the Magnificat --
A prayer card of Maria Concepción Zúñiga will be sent free, to anyone who requests it. Write to: [email protected] ---The Sacred Journey of Paula  -- by St. Jerome --Young Virgin, by Zurbaran

Message of 1970, with a painting of The Young Virgin, by  Francisco Zurbaran. "
This picture (Young Virgin, by Zurbaran) has earned for its author eternal salvation and that of many souls." -- Our Lord, April 1970
The Sun of Divine Justice
THIS image was revealed by God Our Lord to
Maria Concepcion Zuniga on March 4, 1932. It was prophesied, moreover, that a time would come when Divine Justice would be venerated through this image, and a cult of love would be rendered to "my victim Heart." Our Lord referred to it on other occasions by calling it "the Sun of Justice." (Malachy 4:2) When she had the vision of the image that is reproduced, she heard the voice of the Blessed Virgin, who explained it in the following words: "There are three rays of divine Justice, because of the Trinity of God, and when divine Justice discharges itself on the world as a terrible shaft of immense sanctity, these three rays pass through the Heart of the Word Incarnate, Mediator between Heaven and earth, who, as a victim, remains crucified in the Holy Eucharist. And this Heart, Fountain of all sweetness, converts them into his own essence, to shed them on souls as a beneficial rain, making blossom flowers of sacred perfume (roses, passion-flowers and lilies: charity, penance and purity). And despite such great love, the world responds with the greatest ingratitude, fleeing from the splendor of his rays and from the tenderness of His love, and increasing His mystical sufferings, hurling darts of ignominy (sins) at him."

Mirror Site: Four Last Things -- Atonement Booklets

Stories of Hell -- How the holy fear of hell has made many saints

Victim Souls -- Albert Drexel. Words of the Savior given to Rev. Albert Drexel in 1977 about victim souls.

* New Booklet: Reparation is a Fundamental Obligation of Christianity (8 pages) by Raoul Plus, S.J. -- written in 1921. Download PDF* In the same series: How We Can Make Reparation, by Leading a Simple Christian Life, by Raoul Plus, S.J. --- Download PDF

Maria Concepcion Zuniga's most famous book is Legion of Victim Souls.  [Imprimatur: 1966] -- Our Lord is seeking a group of generous souls, who will help to save sinners from perdition. ---Scapular of Benediction and Protection -- The

Scapular of Benediction and Protection - This powerful scapular is a privilege offered by Our Lord and Our Lady to lead us throught the terrible times, when the world will face the Holy Wrath of God. Not only is the wearing of this scapular strongly recommended, but its exposition in our chapels and houses will give special protection.

Franciscan Minim Sisters

• Franciscan Minims. Legion of victim souls. Villa de Guadalupe, Mexico City.There are victim souls in Latin America, North America, Europe, Asia and Africa: men and women, laity, religious and clergy.

(originally written by Pope Leo XIII, Sept. 25, 1888 - unedited) --O glorious Archangel St. Michael, Prince of the heavenly host, be our defense in the terrible warfare which we carry on against principalities and powers, against the rulers of this world of darkness, spirits of evil. Come to the aid of man, whom GOD created immortal, made in His own image and likeness, and redeemed at a great price from the tyranny of the devil. Fight this day the battle of the LORD, together with the holy angels, as already thou hast fought the leader of the proud angels, Lucifer, and his apostate host, who were powerless to resist thee, nor was there place for them any longer in Heaven. That cruel, that ancient serpent, who is called the devil or Satan who seduces the whole world, was cast into the abyss with his angels. Behold, this primeval enemy and slayer of men has taken courage. Transformed into an angel of light, he wanders about with all the multitude of wicked spirits, invading the earth, in order to blot out the name of GOD and of His CHRIST to seize upon, slay and cast into eternal perdition souls destined for the crown of eternal glory. This wicked dragon pours out, as a most impure flood, the venom of his malice on men of depraved mind and corrupt heart, the spirit of lying, of impiety, of blasphemy, and the pestilent breath of impurity, and of every vice and iniquity. These most crafty enemies have filled and inebriated with gall and bitterness the Church, the spouse of the immaculate Lamb, and have laid impious hands on her most sacred possessions. In the Holy Place itself, where has been set up the See of the most holy Peter and the Chair of Truth for the light of the world, they have raised the throne of their abominable impiety, with the iniquitous design that when the Pastor has been struck, the sheep may be scattered. Arise then, O invincible Prince, bring help against the attacks of the lost spirits to the people of GOD, and give them the victory. They venerate thee as their protector and patron; in thee holy Church glories as her defense against the malicious power of Hell; to thee has GOD entrusted the souls of men to be established in heavenly beatitude. Oh, pray to the GOD of peace, that He may put Satan under our feet, so far conquered that he may no longer be able to hold men in captivity and harm the Church.Offer our prayers in the sight of the Most High, that they may quickly conciliate the mercies of the LORD: and beating down the dragon, the ancient serpent, who is the devil and Satan, do thou again make him captive in the abyss, that he may no longer seduce the nations. Amen.
V. Behold the Cross of the LORD; be scattered ye hostile powers. R. The Lion of the tribe of Juda has conquered, the root of David.V. Let Thy mercies be upon us, O LORD. R. As we have hoped in Thee.V. O LORD, hear my prayer.

Compassion Toward Animals 
"If you have men who will exclude any of God's creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity, you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men." -- Saint Francis of Assisi, 1181--1226
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St. Dagobert, faithful and true, with our sadness, but above all, with God's most merciful Grace, please hear us, and come to the help and defense of the unborn and the helpless. Amen.
A life not fulfilled in Christ is no life at all. Where true charity is, there is where Our Blessed Lord is. Therefore, in this world of Sauls, we need to be like St. Paul. May the most holy Trinity, be always praised and adored in Heaven and on earth, forever and ever. --
St. Dagobert, Faithful King, pray for us
St. Dagobert, Son of the Catholic Church, pray for us

St. Dagobert, victim and martyr, pray for us

St. Dagobert, founder of monasteries, pray for us

St. Dagobert, friend of saints, pray for us

St. Dagobert, champion of the people, pray for us

St. Dagobert, determined against adversity, pray for us

St. Dagobert, help against injustice, pray for us

St. Dagobert, defender of helpless victims, pray for us

St. Dagobert, instrument of God, pray for us

St. Dagobert, guide of light and wisdom, pray for us

St. Dagobert, restorer of peace, pray for us

St. Dagobert, just servant, pray for us

St. Dagobert, faithful until the end, pray for us

St. Dagobert, peace be with you, pray for us

St. Dagobert, friend of God, pray for us

-- This litany was composed by Francis Nave (C.H.) St. Dagobert's feast day is December 23. He was killed on Dec. 23, 679 A.D. and canonized in 872 A.D. by a conclave with the Pope's approval. Martyred king of Austrasia. The son of King Sigebert II , Dagobert took the throne as a child and was forced into exile. Bishop Dido of Poitiers, France, took him to Ireland when Childebert was named king. Dagobert regained his throne in 675 , but he was murdered only four years later. Ebroin, the mayor of the palace, slew him on December 23 while on a hunt­ing trip. Dagobert was a friend of St. Wilfrid. Born a Prince, the son of Saint Sigebert III, king of Austrasia, and Chimnechild of Burgundy. Upon Sigebert‘s death in 656 when Dagobert was still a child, the throne was stolen by Dagobert’s guardian Gimoald, in order to make his own son, Childebert, king. Dagobert was kidnapped and exiled to Ireland and England where he was placed with Dido, bishop of Poitiers, France. He attended school at the court of the king. Friend of Saint Wilfred of York. He married an English princess, and had several children including Saint Irmina of Oehren and Saint Adela of Pfalzel. Fought against Theodercus III. Eventually recalled to Austrasia for a supposed reunion, he died in a “hunting accident” that most considered a murder committed to permanently remove him from the throne. Born c.650 Died 23 December 679 at Lorraine, France in a hunting accident by Ebroin, mayor of the palace. May have been murdered, and is considered a martyr. Patronage: kidnap victims, kings, orphans, parents of large families --St. Dagobert prayers also available at Life Offering page. --

Exorcism Prayer against Satan and Apostate Angels. --- Original text by Pope Leo XIII Prayer against Satan -- pdf version --St. Michael the Archangel• Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle, be our defense against the wickedness and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him we humbly pray, and do thou, O heavenly hosts, by the power of God, thrust into hell satan and all the evil spirits who prowl about the world for the ruin of souls. Amen.

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50 Years After Vatican Council II. 30 min.
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The Liturgy and Personal Prayer, by Torkington

Life Offering to the Sacred Heart through the Immaculate Heart of Mary. A call to be a quiet modern apostle. "My Children! I am calling you to apostolic privilege!" Our Lady. Translated by Stephen Foglein.

Legion of Victim Souls PDF. 56 Pages. -- Messages from Heaven to the Messenger of Jesus in Mexico. 1969-1970.

• Will victimhood help save the souls of your relatives?* Is victimhood necessary? ---• Mission Statement and Disclaimer. Our purpose is to make available short booklets(electronic and hard copy) about atonement, reparation and victimhood, written by Catholic authors in general, and with emphasis on the writings of Josefa Menéndez and María Concepción Zúñiga. All writings listed above are in the public domain and may be copied, reproduced and distributed by anyone. All writings in the booklets have been approved by the Catholic Church (with an Imprimatur), with the exception of some writings of Madre Concepción Zúñiga. (Her book Legion of Victim Souls was granted an Imprimatur in 1966.) In conformity with the decrees of Pope Urban VIII, we have no intention of anticipating the judgment of the Apostolic See and of the Church, on revelations reported by us and not yet recognized. We submit to, and accept, its final decision without reservation.Note. Your privacy is protected. Addresses are not given to third parties. Disclaimer. Atonement Booklets is not affiliated with any organization. The group known as "legion of victim souls" is not an organization.Contact Information. E-mail: [email protected] -- --- Help us to spread this information. God will reward you abundantly. -----Maria Concepcion --

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