In 2006, a 13 year-old Jack Hanke went to (now known as and decided to interview Jeeves, the result-retrieving bot, by typing his questions into the search bar and accepting the results as answers. Here is the interview in its entirety, reposted from Jack's original website

        Me: Hello, Jeeves. I’m here to interview you.
        Jeeves: Job Interview?
        M: Of course not. I just wanted to have a little chat.
        J: I just wanted to share why I became a Calvinist (Feel free to share!)
        M: That's nice...but I've always liked sharing, so here's some candy.
        J: I personally would go lingerie shopping, because I’ve always liked the feel ... for requesting…
         M: I think we’re getting a little off-topic now. What’s your favorite hobby?
        J: Too easy to cook for… The New Homemaker.
        M: Ah, so…ahem, you like to cook. I never would have guessed. Tell me more.
        J: But you never called me! So? So, I cook!
        M: I think you’re forgetting it’s me you’re talking to.
        J: I think you’re forgetting that it was 1972, times were different back then.
        M: Well DUH, of course it was 1972. But it isn’t now, and I was under the impression that it was currently the present.
        J: Adrian’s Album Reviews: Led Zeppelin.
        M: Well, that’s in the past too, except for Corey. I have a feeling you’re living for better days, Jeeves.
        J: They’re everywhere, she said, a sick feeling creeping… I kind of started feeling sorry for him…
        M: Yeah, that’s right, they are everywhere. Crazy people these days… I feel sorry for you too, Jeeves…
        J: DRUGSTORE Lyrics…is lookin’ outtta shape…
        M: I don’t remember hearing anything about “DRUGSTORE Lyrics”…I think you’ve finally cracked, Jeeves…
        J: …and I knew them all quite intimately. I think I … plastic drugstore … I can’t remember where I heard … finally, a nickname? Off to…
        J: Shop for Get A Grip. Save 10% - 20% online at
        M: *groans as mind denies such lunacy*
        J: Mind is a Myth/Chapter 3 There is no such thing as … is the same … -- it groans … Q: If you don’t mind, I would … Your thought structure denies the … cannot…
        M: Alright, Jeeves, I’ve had enough of this dratted interview. No level of boredom could be worse than this!
        J: I suppose that if I put enough work into … No, I’m not sharing the … advantage it has had was designing the new collar was pretty easy -…
        M: BYE, Jeeves!!!!!!!
        J: Ask Jeeves for Kids! – Kid can search the web in plain English! The fastest and easiest place for kids to find answers online-
        M: OH NO! You can’t seriously expose the CHILDREN to this insanity!!!
        J: Rate Blog – Bl-
        M: Shut up!!! Goodbye! *runs away as fast as possible*
        J: Julia: Because Shut Up, that’s why