About Artists and Craftsmen Guild of Kostroma.

We are a community of artists living in Kostroma, Russia. The aim of this site is not only to sell the artworks, but what is more important to seek long term professional partnership with galleries and art dealers.

One of the ideas for future cooperation might be that of creating etchings from your photographs. There must be a place in your city which is known to everybody and if you order an etchings with its view it will be popular not only among the inhabitants of your area but also tourists who come to visit your gallery. And in this case price would be only around $15 (the higher quantity, the lower price) for a print. Having had a look at Alexander Maryev's memoir you realize that he is a very professional artist. He has been working with this media for more than 20 years already. And each his work is a piece of art indeed. These images show our first and quite successful experience in this area.

Etching is a media where each print has unique features. Manipulating the colour you can print a completely different picture from the same plate.

You may also want to order some of our artists make design or produce images for your book. Any other ideas for cooperation are highly appreciated.

For any information, please, contact: Sergey Epifanov
E-mail: [email protected]
Telephone: (+45) 20436367

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