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Chloe Vevrier is a special girl. In fact a very special girl. She was born in Berlin, East Germany to French and Czeckoslovakian parents. She first practiced kissing with a girlfriend. She didn't see herself as pretty at young age. Her classmates teased her for having large breasts. Later in life she realised what a blessing her beautiful tits are and now she loves the attention.

She is beautiful. What is special is that she has natural breasts, and not of silicon! Also she is one of the very first girls with identity to appear with hairy armpits on the net. She started her modeling career doing lingerie shows. Chloe burst into fame after she appeared in Score and Voluptuous magazines and Videos. Later she appeared in Danni Ashe site. Chloe was probably the first girl on the net to consciously accepts the armpits ahir and display it in an erotic and most natural way, fully aware of what she was doing!

Now she has her own site (Commercial site). Her pictures are beautiful. Her face has expression and feeling, so too the body. With or withou thair, Chloe's armpits are beautiful, erotic and sexy. Here are some pictures (edited to remove the explicit content)

Here is a link to a well written article on Chloe Vevrier

We have complaints from Yahoo on bandwidth problems. So the larger images are removed for the time being - April 30, 2002.

Shaven pits, but beautiful

Pit hair consciously displayed

Another one

Again displaying the erotic aspects of armpits

Chloe's beautiful pits

Another display of pithair

Big and Beautiful

Art lies in concealing the art!

A newer pit, beautiful

For Chloe armpits hair is natural, not something put there for photo!

Breasts too are natural!

Nothing to beat a natural girl!
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