Writer's Block

Pairing: Bit of everything

Rating: 15

Warning: Sexual refernces, mild language, silly story


I let out a loud sigh as I sit down in front of the computer. I hate writer’s block with passion – especially when I have four very eager muses at my whim, but no plot to support them.


Kian is jumping up and down on the sofa, bursting with excitement. "Will I be in the story, will I?"


I glare at him and he sits still, but look no less excited. "I don’t know yet Kian."


"I can make love to Shane…" Kian clearly has decided take no heed of my annoyance. He suggestively runs his hand up and down the brunettes arm in a feather-light touch, his intent gaze fixed on mine.


"Hey, that would just not be fair!" Nicky cries. "They always get to have sex. I want some action this time." He puts his hand on Mark’s thigh as he speaks, his gaze pleading with me.


I take a deep breath to keep myself calm. "Ok, I don’t even have a story line yet, so please just be quiet until I need you," I say, pleading with them, trying to keep my voice calm as I turn my attention back to the computer, trying frantically to come up with a story line.


I am interrupted again by hot breath on my neck. I turn around abruptly, surprised to be met by Shane’s hazel eyes. "How about me and Nicky?" He suggests. "It was a while ago you left him to my mercy." I can see in his eyes that he wants the blond tonight, but I can’t promise him anything.


"Shane, I’m sorry but I just don’t know yet. Please sit down quietly." My voice holds a hint of desperation; I hate this, hate trying to satisfy a clamour of different wants and passions.


As Shane returns to the sofa Mark decides to put in his suggestion. "How about me and Kian. I’ve wanted a repeat of last Valentine’s Day for a while." His voice is soft, but I can hear his determination. Kian grins at him and moves closer to the tall brunette, dangerously close.


I can’t find my voice to answer so I ignore him, and turn my attention back to breeding plot bunnies in my head. Not much luck.


"Me and Kian then. You know you love us to have angry, lustful sex." Nicky’s voice is husky and suggestive. I turn back towards them to see Kian creeping over to Nicky, placing a hand on his crotch. Kian is apparently willing to do anything (or should that be anyone?) to be in this fic.


"No way!" Shane is not to be out done. "If you want lustful, me and Mark can do it." He sits so close to Mark that he’s almost in his lap. Mark smiles warmly and slips an arm around him.


Kian leaves Nicky, obviously he has not given up on being in the picture yet. "Why not let all the Sligo lads out to play?" Shane seems to like that idea and pulls at Kian’s arm so hard that the blond almost tumbles down on top of them.


"No you don’t!" Nicky reaches for Kian again and spinning him around gives him a hard and lustful kiss. This is getting out of hand!


Mark’s eyes grow wide but he’s not to be outdone so he places his hand on Shane’s groin and starts feeling him through the denim. Shane moans and Kian and Nicky break apart at the sound, afraid that the brunettes will be more convincing.


Nicky whispers something to Kian and I don’t like the look on his face. Pushing Mark away the two blondes launch an attack on a helpless Shane. But Mark is not to be left out and soon they’re just a bundle of limbs on the sofa, hungrily groping and kissing anyone and everyone.


I close my eyes; still hearing an uproar of angry voices mixed with low moans and groans. They are invading my space and it makes my job harder rather than easier.


"Stop!" I scream, unable to take this any longer. To my relief they separate and all sit up, looking rather sheepish, flustered and panting.


I can hardly control my anger. "I will not put up with any of this racket. If you cannot be quiet then please just leave."


"Sorry." A unison of hoarse voices.


"Just get out." I motion towards the door.


To my surprise they all leave quietly, nearly eagerly. Peace at last. And there are four horny boys alone somewhere… I think maybe they will all be in the story, after all.


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