29th Oct 05 - NEW : The Imperial Star - Alpha Centauri has now been added to Southern Astronomical Delights. This article originally appeared in the ASNSWI’s Journal ‘Universe’ in four parts between July and October 1999. Much of the text and figures have been update, with a number of important additions, corrections, and some changes in the structure. The article is now divided into nine separate pages. I hope you enjoy this new addition, which still has another version to come i the next month or so.

29th Oct 05 - UPDATE : CSS file and HTML I have changed the structure of the pages slightly with a small changes in the HTML in identifying the main buttons. This has reduced the pages a further 5% or so, making them even faster to load. Also the sub-pages in articles now uses alternative gif files instead gif and HTML. They now look like switches - vastly improving the general overall site’s appearance.


I have been slowly working to convert all the pages into XHTML, which is proving a daunting task. All the pages are being checked using ALPINE Internet Support, This is a free site that does quality assurance for webpages, and has proved quite useful. Best of all the results reduce the size of HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for WEBPAGES! I also am now using the MAC program TAG exclusively to write pages, and use the application SITE SOAP, which is good at improving the images sizes and structure of this site. I am slowly going through the older pages, and so they will be both smaller and faster to load, with a more stable design. Target for completion is the 3th November 2005!

22nd Oct 05 - UPDATE : All the Planetary Nebulae Pages have been update, with a few minor corrections, some changes in the structure and additional material. Change the new Doug Snyder Planetary pages, which are now at www.blackskies.org instead of older www.blackskies.com .

19th Oct 05 - NEW : SATURN Ephemeris Pages. Saturn ephemneris information for 2005 and for 2006 to 2010 now added. Both Ring dimensions and Central meridian information (System III) is yet to be done.

07th Oct 05 - NEW : SATURN Pages. now joins the final set of Planet Pages. This is the most extensive article yet which has to have placed in it some addition material. Solar system information for 2006 to 2010 is yet to be added along with Central meridian information. A dozen more graphics are yet to be added, and the spacecraft details are needed to be brought up to date in Part 7.

25th May 05 - NEW : JUPITER Pages. also now joins the Planet Pages. Solar system information for 2006 to 2010 is added, but the Central meridian information. has yet to be done. Also the Jovian Satellites text has to be be brought up to date and images displayed.

25th May 05 - NEW : MARS Page. now joins the Planet Pages, with only Jupiter and Saturn to go. Solar system information for 2006 to 2010 is added, along with Central meridian information. Two small graphics are yet to be added, and the spacecraft details are needed to be brought up to date on first page.

22nd May 05 - NEW : SUN and EARTH PAGES. This now joins all the Planetary Pages, with only Mars, Jupiter and Saturn to go. Also the firt four minor planets of Ceres, Juno, Vesta and Pallas for 2005 are to be posted. Both the Sun and Earth have the respective ephemerides completed. Solar system information for 2006 to 2010 yet to be added.

19th May 05 - NEW SOLAR SYSTEM INDEX This joins all the Planetary Pages, including the Southern Aurora Pages. Also cleaned up and updated the MAIN title page. The Planets Page visible in the Index will be merged with the Solar System Page once the readers are usee to them in the next month or so.

19th May 05 - NEW PLUTO page added with general description and update.

18th May 05 - NEW NEPTUNE page added with general description and update.

17th May 05 - NEW URANUS and MERCURY pages added with general description and update.

This includes a four NEW Pages on Aurora, that is divided into general Information about the Southern Aurorae (Part 1), Colour (Part 2), observed Structural Appearances (Part 3), and information on Southern Aurora seen from Sydney’s latitude (Part 4). This latter part has some images taken by my good friend Nick Loveday, which I tidied and image processed.
The Colour of Aurorae (Part 3) is only partly completed, but will be updated in the next few weeks with some graphics and a more through explaination.
There will be a revamp of my article entitled “The Mythology of Goddess Eos/ Aurora”. This was lost some time ago and is quite a good read in my opinion - even though it was not deemed as really astronomical and rejected by an editor or two.
(Any Comments or suggestions, as usual, about this article are very welcome!)

15th May 05 - Some problems with the Internet connection. In the last week worked on another dozen pages with some modifications to the older pages.

14th May 05 - Title change for the MAIN Index Page, that now includes the French title version “Plaisirs Astronomiques Méridionaux - Southern Astronomical Delights. This is so my one or two French readers may feel at home as well! Don’t know if I will ever translate the whole lot as well into French - depends on the readership!
Bonne idée par André ?

12th May 05 - GOOD NEWS! -The Historical Sydney Observatory articles have been approved to be place on the Sydney Observatory Website by the powers that be. These will be nicely be reconstructed with only minor modifications, and quite useful for educational purposes. I will be doing another project here, which will slow down some of the newer pages here.

1st May 05 - Updated INDEX PAGE

30th Apr 05 - NEW ARTICLE in DOUBLE STAR NOTES PAGES entitled;
Discrepancies In Double Star Catalogues-.
The text here is a discussion that originally occurred within the S33 Group. It discusses the differences between double star catalogues - especially including the WDS (Washington Double Star) Catalogue and its changes seen with recent versions.

30th Apr 05 - Updated INDEX PAGE

27th Apr 05 - New Updated OPEN CLUSTER PAGE

26th Apr 05 - New Updated LINKS and Dedication Pages

22nd Apr 05 - NEW INTRODUCTION to Smyth’s “Sidereal Chromatics” entitled;
“COLOUR of DOUBLE STARS : The APPLICATION of ADMIRAL SMYTH’s ”SIDEREAL CHROMATICS” the text gives a biography of Admiral Smyth and some brief explanation of the whole paper on star colours The text deals with the false assumptions about colour and the spectral nature of stars - that was generally unknown in Smyth’s day.
At the end there are some additional modern day views of colour and some of its historical evolution.
This is a significant update of the previous version, but another will follow in time that is more through in scope.

22nd Apr 05 - Added Planetary nebulae Article entitled;
"H-Beta (Hβ) and the Line Emissions from Planetary Nebulae"

22nd Apr 05 - Added Planetary nebulae Article entitled;
"Letter Regarding Planetary Nebula and Evolution Theory"

22nd Apr 05 : Updated INDEX PAGE

21st Apr 05 : NEW - Added MOON Pages
This contains a general description of the Moon for new observers and Ephemeris for the Phases of the Moon (2005 to 2010)

21st Apr 05 - NEW Planetary Nebula Text:

Page090.htm : Updated PLANETARY INDEX for the Articles Below

Page091.htm : Updated information containing general information on planetary nebulae and has a list of the Best 28 PNe for the entire sky.

Page092.htm : Updated article on the "Colour of Planetary Nebulae", and has some useable charts to divide PNe by colour.

20th Apr 05 - Updated DOUBLE STAR Pages and Index

16th Apr 05 - Updated LINKS and Dedication Pages

27th Mar 05 - Update on Open Clusters Page

27th Mar 05 - NEW "Best 100 Open Clusters"

21st Feb 05 - NEW Introduction Page created.

21st Feb 05 - Updated and New Section Modules Added

17th Jan 05 - Mirror Site created at Home MAC Page


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