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To use desktop themes, you'll need a computer running Windows (95 or later), plus a theme management program. Windows 98 (and ME, I think) comes with the Desktop Themes application; you'll find it in your Control Panel. For 95, you'll only have the Themes application if you've installed MS Plus!. If you don't have Microsoft's Desktop Themes program, however, you can still use themes by installing a freeware or shareware theme management program, of which there are many to choose from. I recommend Desktop Architect.

Preview: Star Wars: Rogue Squadron
(Click title to download)

15 sounds ~ 14 cursors ~ 5 icons ~ 1 screen saver ~ 4 wallpapers ~ 3 logos ~ 3 Web View graphics


Wallpaper 1 (1024x768): Rogue Squadron


Cursors in the Rogue Squadron theme

Busy CursorWorking in Background Cursor


My ComputerMy Computer

Network NeighborhoodNetwork Neighborhood

Recycle Bin FullRecycle Bin Full

Recycle Bin EmptyRecycle Bin Empty

My DocumentsMy Documents

Wallpaper 1 (800x600): Rogue Squadron

Wallpaper 2 (1024x768): Rogue Squadron

Wallpaper 2 (800x600): Rogue Squadron

Sounds in the Rogue Squadron theme

Program Error | Exit Windows | Maximize | Minimize


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