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Proprietor of the Avatar Shop, Sycamore SkywalkerWelcome to the Avatar Shop! Here you will find Star Wars avatars of a wide variety of characters. If you know what type of avatar you are looking for, follow the links below to the different aisles of the Shop. Or you can see all the avatars on one page at the Inventory page.

All the aisles have grey carpeting by default, but you can now change the background color of each page to see how your avatar will look on different colors, if your browser supports JavaScript. If your browser does not support JavaScript and you still want to see the avatars on a different color of background, try the Inventory in Black or Inventory in White. Keep in mind that the Inventory pages show every one of the avatars in one page, so they will take a while to load. In many cases not all of the images will load because of a connection time-out. If you get a lot of "broken" icons where pictures failed to load, try this trick: click once in the address bar of your browser and then press the "Enter" key. This will reload the page using the graphics you already have downloaded to your browser's cache, then will start to load the pictures that didn't load before.

Levi, Sycamore's shoproom assistant (fluent in six million forms of fashion), will show you the merchandiseSatisfied customers... If you're using and enjoying one of my avatars at the SciFiVine (or elsewhere!), please sign my guestbook and let me know where I can see the avatar "in action"!
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These avatars are in the recommended format for the SciFiVine (though some are not quite the right size/proportions, but they will work anyway). To use one as your avatar, right-click on the image you want (make sure you get both the large and small versions) and save it to your hard drive, then go to your home site in SFV, click the "Edit" button by your avatar, click on "Upload your own avatar", scroll to the bottom of the upload page, and browse to find the images on your hard drive; then upload them. That's it! Taylor, the Avatar Shop Droid, will process your order

~If you don't find what you're looking for here...leave a message for me and tell me what you would like. I'll see what I can do!~

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Latest Additions: Updates have been delayed lately due to a thunderstorm that knocked out my modem...but since it left the rest of the computer intact, I've had time to get quite a lot of avatars done although I couldn't upload any of them. So now that they've been uploaded, there are a great many new avatars for you to choose from! As usual, I've added numerous Rogue Squadron characters (I had a scanning day a while back with my Rogue comic books, and am still working on processing all those pictures...there are quite a few to come yet!), including more of Winter, Plourr Ilo, and Iella Wessiri, as well as several of Hobbie to catch him up with Wedge, Tycho, and Janson. There's also some Tales of the Jedi characters and some from the Crimson Empire and Dark Empire series; look for them in the Expanded Universe aisle. And from the classic trilogy, we have new Darth Vader avatars, Tusken Raiders, and the indispensable Lobot.
The Premiere Collection
The best of the shop, hand-picked by Sycamore for your enjoyment and presented to you by droids Levi and Taylor.
Aisle 1
SW: Episode 1 - The Phantom Menace
Aisle 2
SW: Episodes 4-6
Aisle 3
SW: The Expanded Universe
Aisle 4
Human Avatars
Aisle 5
Non-Human Avatars
Aisle 6
Droid Avatars and Objects

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