The Lake Monster of Weatherford, Texas

Located in the heart of Texas

[ What Monstrously Strange Creatures Lurk In This Seemingly Peaceful Lake? ]

Is a place called Weatherford

A place the Indians claimed as the cosmic magnet of the universe.

A region plagued by giant gators and slimy serpents.

A number of strangely accurate prophecies are connected to these dark waters. I come across engaging stories about this region all of the time. The hard part is trying to distinguish fact from fiction.

Rumor has it that a strange species of man-eating devil-water-cows live here.

Others claim that a family of woolly mammoths stomp around in these marshy waters. Mammoths are huge hairy elephants, thought to be extinct. The shocking events now taking place in the swamps of Weatherford, Texas has several top zoologist from around the world ready to rewrite the history books.

Most of the people around here no longer get excited by things like this. Weird stuff just seems to happen in Weatherford. Some of the folks around here simply remark that this is nothing compared to the werewolf altercation of 1994.

Of course the frequent buzzing of alien space ships dancing across the skies of Weatherford, is another factor which makes the Lake Monster seem like a minor problem.

But out of all of Weatherford's bizarre problems, this one must be dealt with now. . . before it's too late. Time and money must be invested into the study of this Phantom Creature.

[ Are There Things Which Human Civilization Is Not Meant To Know?

By writing this I am defying authority. There are several people in high places who would love for the truth to go untold. For this reason they've made me an outcast.

But the truth has a way of making itself known.

A few people may ridicule my work, but I believe that I have an important role in trying to preserve our cultural heritage.

So I intensify my efforts without consideration for my own safety, an insignificant person with an exaggerated idea of his own importance. I know it's up to people like myself to bring light to this situation.

People must know the facts
These are not the crazed ramblings of an unsophisticated or mentally unbalanced person. But I know that the only way for you to truly understand the situation is for you to study the facts for yourself.
[ Peter Pan in Weatherford, Texas ]