Some images of Pope Joan depicted without her baby in the 15th century.
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Engraving from 1485 Lyons edition of Martin le Franc,
Champion des dames

Pope Joan engraving from Jacopo Filippo Foresti da Bergamo,
De Plurimis Mulieribus Claris (Many Famous Women), 1497.

Illumination from a c. 1500 French translation of
Boccaccio De Mulieribus Claris (BNF ms. fr. 599).
Pope Joan is here portrayed as simply Pope, without a baby

Fortune spins her wheel, from a 15th century manuscript of John Lydgate,
The Sege of Troye (John Rylands University Library English Ms. 1).

Detail of the "Dame Doctrine" figure in the scene above (from the beginning of
book 2).

(Unfortunately, the relevant lines of the poem at are merely summarized, so I don't know if Lydgate (or the Lydgatian) mentions the identity of this figure in the poem.

(For the picture above I am grateful to Roppo from Japan,

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