Sleeping Bag and Parka Bondage
Session 1

This is our first attempt at combined sleeping bag and parka bondage. I was naked, my hands were tied behind my back inside the parka and the hood was up throughout the session. Unfortunately, There are no drawstrings on the hood of this parka, but that did not stop the fun. Once my hands were tied and the parka put on me, I was placed in the bag by my partner and zipped in. Rope was tied around my legs binding them together. It was not a brilliant job. I guess we need alot more rope. The collar of the sleeping bag was then pulled tight, making sure I could not wriggle out and the hood of the bag pulled up over the hood of the parka. My partner pulled the bag drawstring tight around the parka hood, squeezing all the fur together making it appear the fur was on the bag not the parka.


It is now time to be sealed in my sleeping bag prison. My partner pushes the parka hood all the way inside the bag over my face and tightened the hood as much as possible. The parka hood was now pressed against my face and the fur is tickling like crazy, but there is nothing I can do about it. But that is not the end. My partner feels I am not restricted enough and adds the detachable hood from another parka and pulls that down over my head, encasing me in 3 hoods. The blue hood presses the fur right over my face increasing the fur tickling torture and just to make sure it does not come off, pulls the drawstring tight and ties it tight around the front of the hood. Breathing is now quite restricted and I stay like this for as long as I can safely handle. The whole session took about an hour. Next time we will apply more ropework and maybe have the parka outside the bag or possibly a bag sandwich, a parka, sleeping bag then another parka.



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