When Elves Love Humans

By Anise

“Legolas do you want that boar sandwich” Pip asked innocently eyeing the uneaten sandwich on Legolas’s plate. Legolas rolled his crystal blue eyes. He had great admiration for the young hobbits but sometimes pip and merry could be a bit overtaxing sometimes.
“Pippin elves do not eat meat…”
“Right pass it here then” Pip interrupted.
Legolas picked up his plate and handed the sandwich to him. Pip took it greedily; Legolas found it difficult to believe that he could possibly be hungry after all he had eaten. Sam, Frodo, Merry and Gimli were all fast asleep in front of the camp fire. Legolas and Aragorn were taking turns watching over the camp as was Boromir. They had decided to make camp on the edge of the Lothlorien forest. Legolas was in some ways glad to be here but he was also apprehensive. He wished they could have found another way to Mordor. Legolas placed his now empty plate on the floor and leaned back against the trunk of the tree. His eyelids fluttered closed. His hearing was super; he could hear the rabbits hopping around miles away.
Each time he tried to think of something else he came back to the reason we he was so apprehensive about being here. In his mind he flashed back to the day that he had first laid his elf eyes on her. Her brown hair had reached her back and her green eyes shone like emeralds. Leandra had been only 17 when they had first met. So innocent and fresh how he had ached then and there to take her into his arms and protect her from all the cruelness of the world. It was seriously frowned upon though, a human and an elf. He was two thousand years older than her. There was so much he could have taught her if he had but had Galadriel not sent him away when she realised the truth depths of his feelings towards Leandra. He could still see the tears slide down her cheek when he had rode away on Brigita, his faithful white mare whom had been his loyal companion for many years. At first he felt like his life would end when he had had to leave Leandra. No one knew of this except Galadriel, Leandra and his father.
When he had finally returned home to Mirkwood after months of wandering the lands trying to get his precious Leandra out of his mind, his father Thranduil had welcomed him with open arms and had whispered “son you must choose again for entrusting your heart to a mortal can only bring a lifetime of suffering and heartache”. Legolas was brought out of his musings by the unmistakable sound of orc’s not two miles away. He shot up from his place on the floor and alerted Aragorn and Boromir to the presence of the orc’s. It took ten minutes for them to break camp. Quickly they fled into the forest of Lothlorien. Boromir scooped up two of the hobbits and Aragorn scooped up the other two hobbits. Since losing Gandalf back in the mines of Moria the hobbits spirits had dropped considerably. They were no longer in a great hurry to do anything. Legolas caught sight of the torches of Galadriel. Legolas and the fellowship were taken by surprise as Haldir and his centurions surrounded them.
“Legolas welcome to Lothlorien it has been too long old friend” Haldir greeted clasping Legolas’s arm. Legolas gripped Haldir's arm in response and bowed his head blonde tresses falling forward of his shoulder. Haldir then turned to the group and said “come the lady Galadriel has prepared a feast in your honour” Haldir held out his hand indicating that he wanted them to follow him. Aragorn and Boromir deposited the hobbits on the floor. Frodo took a sceptical look around him. Legolas couldn’t blame him; Frodo had been given a burden to bear that he shouldn’t have been given. Legolas walked swiftly over fallen branches not breaking a single one. But then he stopped dead, frozen to the spot like a terrified child. His eyes met hers. His Leandra. She was even beautiful than the last time he had seen her. Her figure had blossomed into that of a 21year old. The pale green gown she had on highlighted her slender curves. She smiled warmly at him. Why wasn’t she ignoring him? She should be after the way he had handled their last encounter.
“Legolas did you hear a single word I said?” Aragorn demanded, hands on hips watching the enfolding scene between Legolas and the human woman.
“Sorry Aragorn what did you say?” Legolas replied all the while never taking his eyes off Leandra.
“My friend is there something bothering you” Aragorn inquired, in all the time he had known Legolas he had never known him to be this distracted before. Who ever this woman was she had a great hold over Legolas. It became apparent to Aragorn that Legolas wasn’t going to answer his question. Elves walked about everywhere each going about their own business. Legolas blinked for a second and Leandra was gone. Panic coursed though him He looked for her in the crowds off people but after a few minutes he gave up and decided to rejoin his group. He kept an eye open for her all the same. He had allowed something to come between them once before he would not make the same mistake again.

Galadriel watched Legolas from her place at the top table. Her facial expression was unreadable and her gaze intense. Legolas nervously played with his food, moving his vegetables around his plate. Were already on their third helping. Legolas’s spirits rose when he once again caught sight of Leandra. She was headed in his direction carrying her food. Legolas ran a hand through his hair making sure that not a single strand was out of place. Leandra would have sat next to him he was sure, if Galadriel had not called her over. That woman was forever interfering. Frustrated he pushed his plate into the middle of the table and stood up. He collected his thoughts and departed the feast. He was going to go for a walk were he could think clearly without being interrupted. Legolas navigated the rough forest floor with great ease. It would be sometime before anyone though to look for him. Oh how his heart was torn in two. He loved her, but he had already committed himself to the quest of the ring and his seven companions having already lost one in the mines of moria. He wandered aimlessly for ages until he found himself outside of leandra's home. He ventured in side. The architecture was Elvin and made the white room look larger than it actually was. His ears detected the pitter patter of the sandals worn by woman. Quickly he ducked out of sight. Leandra threw open the door unbeknown to her that Legolas was watching her. Leandra removed her head band and placed it on the table. She shook her head and her hair cascaded in waves. Legolas’s fingers twitched he so desperately wanted to run his fingers through it. Leandra took off her cloak. Legolas now thought to himself that he had to make his presence known. Not that he didn’t want to see her unclothed. He did but he wanted her to be aware of him. Boldly he stepped out into the light. Leandra saw his reflection in the mirror and gasped. She turned her back to the mirror standing face to face with Legolas. His eyes were burning with passion. He wanted her. Afraid, her hands trembled slightly; Galadriel wasn’t here this time to protect her from him. Her heart beat speeded up. Legolas trolled over to her and took her hands in his to stop them from trembling. He saw the love and fear in her eyes.
“Leandra do you trust me “He probed softly.
“Yes” she replied gripping his hands tighter. He now had his chance to tell her of his true feelings and admit his failing those few years ago.
“Leandra you have grown ever more beautiful and I apologise for the way we parted the last time that I was here, but I had to go. I did not understand my feelings at the time but I do now, I Love you Leandra” He declared his voice thick with emotion. A single tear rolled down her cheek. Legolas drew in a deep breath and released her hands. His hand travelled up the side of her cheek and gently brushed the tear away. Leandra turned her head into his hand. Acting on impulse Legolas leaned forward and kissed her on the lips, she was startled at first but soon gave into the kiss. Their kiss became more intense as their tongues duelled together. His hands moved to the buttons on her gown as fast as he could he undid them allowing the gown to puddle at her feet leaving her in her underclothes. Leandra tried to pull away from Legolas but he wasn’t having it. He kissed her again this time until she ran out of breath. He then refocused his attention on removing her last few garments. Leandra boldly targeted Legolas’s clothes. Pulling off his cloak and shirt leaving him standing in leggings and boots. She wasn’t as nervous as she thought she would be. Legolas stood back as the rest of her clothes joined her gown on the floor. She is so beautiful Legolas thought to himself. Leandra stood there feeling rather awkward.
“You are beautiful, truly beautiful£ he whispered huskily. She wanted to say something but couldn’t find the right words, instead she just smiled. Legolas led Leandra to the bed and gently pushed her onto it. Deftly he shed his boots and the remainder of his clothes and joined her on the bed. Legolas ran his hands from her shoulders to cup her breasts. He leaned over her and took a nipple into his mouth. Sucking on it like a hungry child. Leandra gasped out loud. “Legolas this is…”
“Only the beginning” he promised. His hands continued their journey downwards. He stroked her stomach then her hips until he reached her thighs. Slowly he parted her thighs. Leandra’s eyes were wide with astonishment. Never taking his eyes from hers he slipped a finger inside of her. To show her what would be forthcoming. Leandra writhed under his ministrations. Once he was sure that she was indeed ready for him he settled himself comfortable between her thighs. He paused for a moments before thrusting into her willing body. Leandra’s cries were of pain but they soon turned to cries of pleasure as he drove himself deeper and deeper into her depths. Leandra arched her back to meet him. She could feel the pleasure building up inside of her as Legolas rocked inside of her. Suddenly when she thought she could bear it no more her body convulsed in waves of intense pleasure. Legolas came shortly after spilling his seed deep within her, before collapsing sated on top of her. Their breathing slowed as they came down from their blissful euphoria. Legolas rolled onto his back and pulled Leandra protectively into his arms, it wasn’t long before they both drifted off into sleep.

Leandra reached out her arm beside her expecting Legolas to be there but he wasn’t. Leandra bolted up in bed and pulled the white sheet around her naked body. She began to panic. Where was Legolas? Then she saw it, the envelope on the table with her name on. With the sheet still wrapped around her she made her way over to the table. She picked up the envelope and opened it. Inside was a piece of cream paper. She took the paper out and read the letter aloud:

My dearest Leandra

I wished so to be able to say goodbye in person. I was going to wake you but you were sleeping so peacefully. I have left to resume the quest of the ring. My feelings for you have not changed. My love please keep yourself safe and I will return to you of this you have my promise.

Yours always

Leandra crumpled the note in her hand and dropped it to the floor. She dropped to the floor and started to sob. “Be safe my love and please return to me” she whispered in to the air.

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