Love Be Thy Dream

By Anise

Professor R.J Lupin glanced over his desk to take a good look at two of his students. Liesel Appleton, was the quieter of the two, she had short brown hair that was held out of her eyes by a metal headband, when stood she was 5 ft 5 INS high and of medium build. She also had the nicest chocolaty brown eyes that Remus had ever seen.
However her cousin Sophie Matthews was completely different. She had long auburn hair, was quite skinny and had green eyes; she was also at least 2 inches taller than her cousin. Remus watched in amusement as Sophie leaned over to look at what Liesel had written on her parchment, so that she could copy it. Remus made a mental note that next time he taught this specific class of students, that he would make sure that Sophie and Liesel were separated. Remus was snapped out of his musings by the shrill alarm on his digital alarm clock. “Ok class that’s it for today make sure that you read that chapter in your books on Redcaps” Sophie threw down her quill and practically flew out of the classroom. Liesel placed her books and quill into her standard sized cauldron and quietly made her way to her next lesson.

Sophie ran down the corridor as fast as her legs would carry her. She knew that professor Lupin knew that she was cheating in his class, “Oh bulls’ backside” she huffed indignantly, the reason she couldn’t concentrate in his class was because she was reminded of a particularly pleasant episode with Draco that took place in the large closet at the back of the classroom. Sophie blushed she hadn’t even told Liesel what exactly had happened in there.
“Hey Soph wait up” Liesel yelled, as she ran to catch up with her cousin. Sophie came to a stand still and waited for lisle to catch her up.
"One day professor Lupin is going to pull you up for copying, you know that don’t you?”, Sophie shot Liesel a knowing glance. The two girls walked to professor Snape's classroom.

This was one lesson that Sophie wouldn’t dare copying in. she was really terrified of what professor Snape would do to her if he caught her, Sophie paled at the mere thought. They made it over the threshold of Snape’s classroom just in time. Professor Snape as usual had taken up his stance at the front of the classroom. His sharp gaze was focused upon every single student in the classroom. Sophie and Liesel quickly took there seats in the back row.
“Now class” Snape began in a long drawn out tone "We will be looking at….” Liesel and Sophie sat back in their wooden chairs and mentally prepared themselves for an hour of complete unending boredom.

Sophie discreetly scanned the room. The large oak book shelves were in dire need of a good dust and the windows were thick with cobwebs. Sophie was just about to gaze longingly at her true love when something upon Snape’s desk caught her eye.
“Sophie Mathews you are not paying attention, remain behind when the others leave” Snape thundered, causing several students in the front row to jump half a mile out of their seats. Sophie was just about to open her mouth to voice protest when Liesel elbowed her not so gently in the ribs.
“Ow” Sophie exclaimed a little louder than she would have liked. Professor Snape fixed his steely glare upon her for a minute and then turned his attention back to the rest of the class.

Half an hour later Snape dismissed the class, Liesel flashed her cousin a sympathetic smile as she exited Snape’s classroom, leaving her cousin to face Snape’s wrath alone. Sophie got up from her seat and cautiously made her way to the font of the classroom, silently praying that Liesel was here. Snape folded his arms in front of him, “Miss Mathews it would seem to me that you think yourself above everyone else”, Sophie shook her head. “As of now…..” Snape was interrupted when professor Sprout breezed onto the classroom. “Professor Snape” she drawled seductively, “may I see you for a moment…alone”. Sophie could have sworn that she saw fear in Snape’s eyes.
“Yes very well” he mumbled quietly. Snape quickly followed Professor Sprout out of classroom, leaving Sophie on her own. Sophie made sure that Snape was out of sight before she darted over to his desk and retrieved the rather enticing book. Sophie studied the book with great interest. The book appearance was very modern and the title on the front cover read “Segmonds spells of love, seduction and erotica” by now Sophie’s curiosity had gotten the better of her what was Snape doing with this book and how did he come by it. Sophie flipped open the front cover and scanned the index page which was at the front of the book instead of the back. One particular heading jumped out at her. Sophie turned to page 52 and began to read, an ingenious evil plan started to form in her mind. Sophie could here Snape’s footfalls so she ripped the page she hadn’t yet fully read out of the book and replaced the book on his desk. Snape looked rather flustered. He waltzed straight passed Sophie and flopped down in his chair, he appeared to have forgotten that Sophie was there, that was until she reminded him.
“Professor” Snape didn’t reply with words he simply waved his hand dismissing her. Sophie backed out of the classroom and took off to the great hall.

Liesel was sitting at the Gryffindor table when Sophie darted in barely containing her excitement. Sophie threw down the crumpled piece of paper into Liesels lap. Liesel put down the book she was reading and picked the paper up. Liesel read the header of the page and her eyebrow quirked. When she had finished reading the text on the page she folded the paper back up and handed it to Sophie, “Oh come one Liesel…”, “no”. “Oh but Liesel you …”, “NO” Liesel replied again this time more firmly. Sophie was growing seriously impatient with Liesels lack of enthusiasm “ I found this book on Snape’s desk called Segmonds spells of love, seduction and erotica suffice to say I didn’t have chance to read everything so I tore out this one page and well I immediately thought this would solve a lot of our problems”. Liesel grasped the paper from Sophie’s hand and began to read it again.
“Ok fine I will agree to do it however I want you to right a spell to reverse this one” Liesel indicated the paper in her hand “In case it goes wrong”. Sophie nodded her head, grinning like a cat that had just got her cream.

Liesel plopped the last of the ingredients into the cauldron and gave it a stir with the big wooden spoon. Sophie finished writing the reversal spell just in case something did go wrong.
“Ok done “ Liesel announced as she placed a little of the potion into two test tubes, “Oh Liesel you had better do a third” Sophie instructed, Liesel gave her a quizzical look but did as she asked. She then handed Sophie two of the test tubes and said “all you have to do is get the intended to consume it and then incant, let love by thy dream, three times and hopefully it should work”. Sophie smiled her thanks to her cousin as she placed one of the tubes in the pocket on the inside of her black robe and set off for professor sprouts office.

Sophie crept agilely down the dark corridor, Professor Sprouts office was in sight. Professor sprout was standing in the door way waiting for Sophie. As Sophie passed the door way sprout joined her and the pair walked in silence to the Slytherin dorms. One there sprout spoke the pass word to allow them access into the Slytherin common room, which to no surprise was a complete and utter mess. Sophie handed the beaming professor the tube she held in her hand and then the two of them each went there separate ways.

Professor Lupin turned his back on Liesel for a minute to retrieve the book she had asked to borrow from him. Liesel took the opportunity to tip the contents off the tube over his half eaten bar of chocolate. She then concealed the empty tube in the pocket of her robe and plastered an innocent smile on her face. Remus spun around and handed the book to Liesel. Liesel accepted the book from him and then Remus grabbed at his chocolate bar and crammed it into his mouth.
“Love be thy dream, love be thy dream, love be thy dream” Liesel mumbled under her breath. Professor Lupin was just about to ask her to repeat whatever it was that she had said as he hadn’t heard her, when all of a sudden he felt ever so dizzy. Liesel grew concerned for Remus; she grabbed hold of his arms to prevent him from falling over.
“Professor Lupin! Professor Lupin! Remus” She cried. Remus regained his composure and looked down into Liesels eyes. All of a sudden he was overcome with desire for her; he simply had to have her, even if it was against the rules to fraternize with students. Remus shoved her roughly up against the classroom wall. Liesel felt frightened , that was until Remus leaned over and purred softly in her ear, “ Relax I am not going to hurt you”, Liesel was just about to ask what he had meant by that when Remus covered her mouth with his own. He kissed her so passionately; within seconds she had forgotten about protesting and surrendered herself to the kiss. Remus’s hand began to explore her body through her robe causing Liesel to pull back and gasp. Remus then took the opportunity to target the pulse point of the base of her throat. Liesel was awash with the pleasant sensations that were coursing through her body, never had she ever felt this way.

Three hours later

Sophie snuggled in the sleeping form of Draco Malfoy, she sighed contentedly. This was one of the best spells she had ever cats on anyone she pulled the duvet further up and closed her eyes, hoping that the spell had worked just as well for Liesel as it had her.

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