Desk job

By Anise

Hermione granger glanced around the now empty classroom, the other pupils having been dismissed almost half an hour ago, she was the only one left, she was convinced that professor Snape had indeed forgotten about her.
“Excuse me professor Snape but I have been here for quite sometimes and I was wondering if it would be ok if I were to go now” she asked him, quietly. Snape looked up from the assignments he was marking, “Miss granger you can leave when I dismiss you and not before is that clear” he replied before turning his attention back to the assignments in front of him. Hermione’s head slumped into her hands, how much longer would she have to endure this.

Tem minutes later Snape placed the last of the assignments neatly onto the pile on his desk and got up. He briskly walked over to the desk that Hermione’s was sitting at. To his annoyance she had fallen asleep. He reached out his hand and shook her gently.
“Hmm what?” Hermione questioned, in a sleep roughened voice. Without any warning Snape leaned forward and took her lips in a kiss. Hermione’s eyes opened wide in alarm she couldn’t believe what was happening. She tried to push Snape away, but his grip on her arm got tighter. She was helpless to do anything except to surrender to his kiss. Snape's free hand strayed down to cup her breast, causing Hermione’s to cry out; this allowed Snape the opportunity to slip his tongue into her mouth. The kisses intensified to the point were Snape realised that she was wearing far too many clothes for him to take this were he wanted to go. He snatched at her robe and the jumper beneath it and yanked it over her head. Carelessly he discarded them. Hermione’s ran her fingers the black silky stands of his hair pulling him to her for another fierce kiss. The excited him even more. He scooped her from her seat and carried her over to his desk. Carefully he set her too her feet, “I will not hurt you” he told her reassuringly as he scattered everything off his desk sending them crashing to the floor. Hermione raised her arms defensively in front of her; she had never seen him like this before. He was so wild and out of control, it both frightened her and excited her at the same time. He grabbed Hermione roughly and placed her on the edge of his desk. Frantically he sought to rid her of her clothing. He pulled off her outer robe, sweater and shirt and throw them too the floor. Next he targeted her socks shoes and skirt and sent those to join the other articles. His lust filled eyes roamed over her partially exposed body. Hermione raised her hand to pull at Snape’s clothing but he stopped her.
“No Hermione let me do this”, Hermione’s arms fell limp to her sides as she started in awe and amassment as Snape removed all of his clothes and allowed them to fall in a heap at his feet. Hermione was transfixed by how big he was. She started to panic there was no way he was going to fit inside of her. “Relax I want you to enjoy this” he whispered huskily, reaching behind her back and riding her of her bra. He pulled back from her slightly and cupped one of her small breasts in his hand .
Hermione’s stifled a moan no one had ever done this to her before and she liked it. Hermione jumped as his tongue made contact with her nipple.
“Please” Hermione begged him, though she had no idea what she was begging for. Snape growled low in his throat as he transferred his attention to the other nipple, giving it the same treatment as the other one. Hermione grabbed the side of his head and hauled him closer to her breast. She could get used to this. After a few minuets Snape pushed her down so that she was lying upon his wooden desk with her legs dangling over the end. His hand slithered up to her hips and yanked the last scrap of clothing from her aching body. Slowly he massaged her body, starting with her breasts and then moving down her stomach until he came to her special place. Slowly he slipped his finger inside of her. Hermione’s body bucked under his touch. She began to moan and writhe under his expert administrations. Snape could feel her body getting hotter; finally he couldn’t stand it anymore he had to be inside of her.
He pushed her further up the table so that her legs were braced on the table and climbed between her legs until his hard member came into contact with her hot core.
Hermione whimpered arching her back off his desk.
“This may hurt a little” Snape mumbled as he kissed her. Hermione groaned her response as she once again allowed Snape to plunder her mouth with his tongue. Slowly Snape thrust himself into her body until he was met by some resistance. He deepened the kiss to distract her from the pain that would follow. Quickly he thrust through the barrier of flesh, breaking it. Hermione's whimpers of pain tore at Snape’s heart; he silently cursed himself for causing her this brief pain. Snape remained still within her, allowing her time for her body to grow accustom to him. When she was ready Hermione arched her body absent his indicating that she was ready for whatever he was going to do next. Snape began to thrust inside of her, getting faster and faster. Hermione’s gripped his arms tightly as she began to spin out of control. The pain of a few moments ago was replaced by intense pleasure. All she could do was hold on to him as he drove her high and higher. Until her body burst into flames as her climax tore through her. Snape smiled into the hollow of her neck as she came, he followed soon after, spilling his seed deep into her body. Shattered the pair collapsed sated on the table. Both puffing and panting as they came down from the blissful euphoria.
Snape realising that he was too heavy for her rolled over onto his back.

“I don’t know what to say” Hermione whispered.

“Say that you will come to my room tonight”

A tingle shot up Hermione’s spine, she was looking forward to it already.

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