Anglicans in Service

Who are we?

The Anglicans in Service Team, under the leadership of Rev. Canon Kim. Beard, are a group of Anglicans from the Greater Toronto Region of Southern Ontario Canada, who in the past have ventured to such locations as:

Belize (1992, 2000) in Central America,

Jamaica (1994) and the Caribbean,

Guyana (1996, 1998) in South America,

Kenya (1999)   click to view photo album

Sri Lanka (2001),   click to view photo album

South Africa - Swaziland (2003)

The Philippines (2005)

The South Africa-Swaziland Team 2003

What do we do?

We had been invited to the above destinations and offered assistance to the communities we visited. Through fund raisings, we have undertaken a number of projects which have included:

- renovating/painting of the local churches/orphanages,

- setting up various school libraries with the textbooks we pack.

- providing eye glass clinics (Kenya 1999) and dental clinics (Sri Lanka 2001, South Africa 2003),

- delivering educational supplies to local schools, orphanages,Church Schools,

- brickmaking (Kenya 1999)

- providing water systems and assistance to a number of local fundraising projects in order to establish self sufficiency.

The Painting Team

The Construction Team (we must be on a tea break!!) - Sri Lanka 2001

The Dental Team in action - Sri Lanka 2001

Dr. Cooper led the Eyeglass clinic team - Kenya 1999

Cataloging and setting up the Library - Swaziland 2003

Why do we do it?

The projects are a way of sharing our lives with others. We provide aid to the the communities we have been invited to with the premise of establishing Hope through Faith.

We experience the many different cultures and share in each others'Christian Life and traditions.

How to contact us:

If you wish to learn more about our team, have an interest in our various projects, whether past or upcoming, or you would like to make a contribution toward upcoming projects, we can be reached at:

Mailing Address:

St. Paul's on-the-hill Anglican Church
882 Kingston Road
Pickering, Ontario, Canada
L1V 1A8

Phone: 905 839 7909

Fax: 905 839 3152

e-mail: [email protected] or [email protected]

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