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Diocesan Office
Avenida Santa Maria 125
Miraflores, Lima, Perú
(51) (1) 422 9160

Post Box:
Apartado Postal 18-1032
Lima 18, Perú
[email protected]



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Welcome to the Diocese of Perú

The Diocese of Perú is a missionary diocese comprised of a few growing congregations, forming a part of the Body of Christ in South America's third largest country. We have congregations in Lima and Arequipa, as well as numerous programs and social outreach so desperately needed in this poor nation. As a missionary diocese, we rely on support from Missionary personnel, Missionary organizations, and direct support from churches and individuals.

The Diocese of Perú is part of the Anglican Communion, which is both catholic and evangelical. This means that Christ is at the center of all that we do, and we experience Christ in a variety of different ways. Being catholic, we believe in the universality of what we do in our social outreach and prayer for others. We encounter Christ in the sacraments and in worship.

Being evangelical we believe in the primacy of scripture and its as centrality to the faith and mission as vital to the spreading of the Gospel, another way that we encounter Christ.

Most importantly, the Diocese is Peruvian. Its roots and history are with the Church of England, and its doctrine is characteristically Anglican. However, Peruvian parishioners and congregations far out number the one English-speaking congregation at the cathedral. Latin American Christian music enhances worship. The Peruvian clergy and lay ministers make the church and its worship relevant to the people they serve in Christ's name.

Again, we welcome you to the Diocese of Perú. As you browse our website, you will find out more about who we are and what we do. And we hope that you are able to visit us and support us in our work in Christ.


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