Valentine's Day
Match the hearts-
You will need:
Paper or clay hearts / cut in half
Permanent Marker

Write a math problem on one half and the answer on the other and let the kids match the hearts.

You will need:
Clay/ dough
red, pink, purple paint

Shape the dough into heart shapes(about an inch)  and let dry. Paint.  Let the kids use for math counters.
These could be used for graphing colors also.

Red Slime-
You will need:
Red food coloring
1 box of cornstarch
1 part water

Mix the red food coloring into the water.  Pour into the cornstarch. Mix and play.

Heart/circulatory system-
You will need:
An outline of the heart or the whole circulatory system.
Paper strips with the part names on them.
Paper Mache Heart or a red box.

Study the parts of the heart or whole system.
Place the outline on the wall/ fridge/ blackboard
Put the paper strips in the box/heart.
Let the kids draw out the strips and place where the go on the outline.
For the little ones you could use pictures instead of names.
Social Studies-
St. Valentine- Research and prepare a presentation on St. Valentine.

Community Service-
Make cards for people in hospitals or nursing homes in your area and deliver them.


You will need:
Paper scraps/doilles
glitter/sequins/odds and ends
Card stock formed into card shape
Shoe boxes / tissue boxes
/ brown lunch bags
Give each child a cardshape and box/bag and let decorate.

Heart Pins-
(Same as counters)
Red,purple,pink paint
Pin backs

Have the kids shape the dough into heart shapes
Glue on pin back
Heart Mobile/Wind Chimes-
You will need:
Clay or paper hearts
String or yarn
Wire hanger or floral wir

Make the hearts- heart cookie cutters in different sizes  are good to use with this. Punch holes at the tops and the bottoms(of some).
Dry/pain/dryt if clay.
Tie the string to the hearts (use 1 heart shape on one string. 2-3 on another) and tie to the hanger or wire shape.
For the windchimes-
make a circle shape out of clay and punch holes around the outside rim.
Tie the clay hearts to the string then tie the string to the circle shape.
Take three pieces of string and tie to circle shape and tie the three pieces together at their ends forming a knot to hang the wind chime.
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