Theodor Seuss Geisel (Dr. Seuss) was born March 2, 1904.

Green slime-
You will need:
green food coloring

Mix the food coloring into the water. Put the cornstarch into a container and pour the water into it and mix. Then get messy.


Make a hat book and write the question- What kind of hat would your pet wear?

Write your own rhymes.

Journal starters-
What if your pets could talk?
Would you eat green eggs and ham?

Snack -

Green eggs-
You will need:
green food coloring
Mix the eggs up and add the food coloring and fry.

Goldfish in their Bowls-
You will need:
Fish and fishbowl shapes-
you can use paper or clay or a real fishbowl/plastic containers and gummi fish. {I like the gummi fish myself}
Spinner or die

Give each child a fishbowl.
Spin the spinner or roll the die and put that many fish in your bowl.
Then compare bowls.
My bowl has 3 fish, your bowl has 6 fish. How many more fish do you have?
Or multiplication: My bowl has 3 fish yours has 2 fish together we have?

Hat Math-
You will need:
Hat shapes
Cat shapes

Put a math problem on the hat and the answer on the cat. Help the cats find their right hats.
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