Here is a link I use that has lesson plans for the olympics that I
use with this, it is broken down into the different grade levels.
It also has the history of the games and other stuff too.

This is what we do for the olympics.
We have both Mental and Physical Olympics.

First we study the orginal olympics games and the modern, where
they started what competitions were held.
Then each child picks a country to represent and studies that country and makes a flag, sash with country name, and facts cards for the country.
I then make a chart with each countries name and a place for Gold, Silver and Bronze. As they win they mark on the chart which is won for that country. I use stars or stampers for this.

Opening Cermonies for both mental and physical-
We have a parade of countries with the kids marching in with their flags and sashes and announce what country and read their fact cards about that country.

We have games and worksheets for each catagory/subject.

Social Studies- Trivia game that is made with what the children
have studied, different levels-different questions. And also Map Facts: each child gets a map with numbers marked on it for different places and then the first one to identify/write down in number order the places win.

Science- Trivia game and also simple experiments that the first one to complete the experiment and get it right wins.

Fast facts: Like a spelling bee but with flash cards with math problems. Then board games like monoply and things that deal with math.

Spelling- Spelling Bee.

Art- Fastest drawer: each child is given the same picture and the first to finish it wins. Match game: match pictures with their creators, match different versions of art with their names.

We set up an obstacle course, basketball game, baseball, soccer, tennis/badminton, darts, croquet, whatever games that the kids enjoys. We even play quidditch from Harry Potter that we saw in
the Family Fun Magazine. Then we have the track and field competitions.

Closing/Medal Ceremonies-
First the kids are presented with their medals, I make sure that each child won at least one medal.
Like the opening ceremonies but the kids tell how many medals each country won instead of the facts.
Then it is time for the pizza party/feast.
I gather together a whole group of kids to do this or you could just do it for a couple and just have the games that 2-3 can play.
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