May Days
May flowers brought by April Showers - go to and find the wildflowers that are native to your area.
Make a list of them and see if you can find them growing around your house.

Here are some ideas for different days in May.
Art- Make scarecrows, tin men, lions.
You could make a felt board scene of the Land of Oz, or a hand puppet with the fingers being the characters.

May 18 International Museum Day - Visit a local museum or make your own with art creations made by friends and family and send invitations for the grand opening.

May 23 Mary Cassatt B-Day- Do a report and look at paintings of the famous painter.  Make paintings or drawings of your family doing everyday things.

May 24 Bill "Bojangles" Robinson B-Day - Do a report on the legendary tap dancer. Pretend to be tap dancers.
May 9 James M. Barrie B-Day-
Read and watch Peter Pan and discuss the differences.
Math: Study time.
Writing- Would you want to stay a kid forever or would you want to grow up?

Make shadow drawings of yourself and others. Place a large piece of paper in front of you while the sun is shining and trace the shadow, or lay on the paper and just trace each other.

Make a file folder game of Neverland, include all parts of the island and make character pieces or use small plastic people.

May 12 Limerick Day - A limerick poem has 5 lines. Line 1,2, and 5 have eight syllables and rhyme with each other, and lines 3 and 4 have six syllables and rhyme with each other. Limericks are usually funny.

May 15 L. Frank Baum B-Day-
Read and watch the movie Wonderful Wizard of Oz and discuss the difference in them. 

Math file folder game: Follow the Yellow Brick Road - Make a yellow brick road from one side of the folder to the other make it twisting and turning, include along the way the corn field, the forest, the witch's castle, and end with Emerald City. On each brick write a math problem to solve. You can use add/subtract, multiply/divide or any combination of each. Cover with clear contact paper and include a marker or crayon and wipe in a ziploc bag.

Social Studies- Create your own land over the rainbow. Include the type of people, what type of climate/land there is, weather, what kind of jobs there is.

Writing- What would you do if you found yourself in the Land of Oz? What character would you be? What is your favorite character and why?
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