Cinco de Mayo
Cinco de Mayo - May the 5th
Mexicans celebrate their victory over invading forces in 1862.

There are parades and festivals everywhere. Here are a few ideas to do for the day.

There is a mexican game using a top with six sides. I make one out of paper and put a toothpick through the middle to spin it. On the sides are written the following-
Pon Uno - Put One
Pon Dos - Put Two
Todos Ponen - Put All
Toma Uno - Take One
Toma Dos - Take Two
Toma Todo - Take All

Each player starts out with 10 dry beans a piece. The first player spins and does what the top stops on ( ex- put one, they put one bean in the middle of the board.)
When you are out of beans you are out of the game. You continue to play until there is just one player left with beans. I make my own board out of a Mexican circular picture with Aztec Indian Designs on it. I print it out on paper and glue it on one side of a file folder. I use the other side to spin the top. I place the beans and top in a ziploc bag that I staple to the back of the file folder. This makes for easy storage.

Social Studies-
I do a Country Study Page that has a place for the name, area, population, language, map, flag and etc. If you would like a copy of the one I use just email me
[email protected]
and I will send you mine it is in a pdf file.
Art and Crafts-
Paper flowers:
Tissue paper
Chenelle Stems/Pipe cleaners

Take several layers of tissue paper cut to about 8" x 18" and accordian fold it. Round off the ends of the paper. Take a pipe cleaner and twist it in the middle of the paper. Unfold the layers and fluff them out till you have a flower. You can make smaller ones and tie them onto a ponytail holder for a fabulous hair decoration. 

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