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Ethos NAC Eye Drops - melts away Cataracts 

Ethos Bright Eyes and Ethos Re-Vital Eyes drops have been found to clear cataracts and cure other eye disorders safely. No need to undergo surgery.

A study on 96 patients aged 60 years old having senile cataract of various degrees of maturity, with the duration of the disease from 2 to 21 years, showed that the eye drops give profound effect on primary senile cataract, the effective rate being 100%. For mature senile cataract, the effect rate is 80%, and positive effects were observed with other types of cataract.

The active ingredient of these eye drops is L-Carnosine, a super anti-oxidant. Carnosine is something we are born with and in abundance too. However as we age, these get depleted. Since this compound is needed for the good health of many organs especially the eyes, loss of carnosine can cause eye diseases such as cataract. Ethos eye drops replace carnosine that have been lost in the eye eyes.

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As featured in UK Daily Mail Newspaper      Cataracts Trial As Seen on UK TV

Ethos Endymion - the wonder supplement
Cures many diseases, prevents premature aging

Ethos endymion is 99% L-Carnosine. It is tasteless and colorless that can be added to your water or juice. Best taken on an empty stomach. Can make wonders to your overall health condition and prevent premature aging.

Ethos Endymion is the very best brand of L-Carnosine available anywhere in the world today as backed by Professor Steven Charles Gallant and his years of research into L-Carnosine. Carnosine. was first discovered in 1900 in Russia but its incredible properties have only recently been recognised following several research projects in Russia, Japan, Australia, UK and USA.

Clinical research has confirmed that Carnosine and its derivatives show marked improvements in the following conditions:

1) Arthritis and bone health.
2) High blood pressure AND low blood pressure!
3) Regulates blood clotting and eases resultant conditions.
4) Ulcers.
5) Wounds and skin health.
6) Cancer.
7) Increased lifespan and anti-aging.
8) Cataracts and other eye disorders.
9) Muscular conditions
10) Helps boost memory and fight dementia (Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer's disease).
12) Increases the body's own stem cell production. Stem cells serve as a natural repair system.
12) Protect healthy cells from radiation damage (certain cancer treatments).
13) Allergy fighter.
14) Improve blood flow to brain.
15) Block activation of guanylate cyclase - an enzyme linked to asthma, migraine, septic shock and cancer.

Carnosine speeds up cell replacement. Old, damaged cells are replaced by new, healthy cells. Skin and complexion are younger and fresher. Hair and nails improve their condition. Carnosine really is a super anti-ageing supplement.

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Omnihead: Protect liver and kidneys
No more hangover after your drinking spree

OHMIHEAD� is the most powerful SuperAntiOxidant currently known. Just 2 grams dissolved in water, taken an hour before alcohol consumption, effectively protects the liver, kidneys and brain against oxidative stress damage from alcohol. For an extended period of drinking it is advisable to take an additional 2 grams, half way through the evening, to ensure that you maintain adequate protection. OHMIHEAD� quenches even the most destructive free radicals: the hydroxyl and peroxyl radicals, superoxide, and singlet oxygen.

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Stop 7: Helps you stop smoking in 7 days
Has helped over 300,000 americans

Ethos STOP 7 consists of our 14-page Smoking Cessation Course Manual, two different types of Herbal Capsules and our Comforting Herbal Mouth Spray. This system has already assisted over 300,000 Americans to successfully Quit their Smoking habit within seven days and is now available in Europe! We all start our lives as non-smokers but advertising, peer pressure and other outside influences turn us into smokers. After the Ethos STOP 7 Course, smokers say that they again feel exactly as they did before they started smoking in the first place!

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Ethos MAXpower: saves fuel and the environment
Cut on fuel cost...reduce harmful emissions

The market is global but the greatest demands are where fuel prices are highest. The average motorist will save enough money to recoup the initial investment for their Ethos MAXPower Fuel Saving Unit in just a few months! High mileage drivers and fleet owners will recoup their investment much faster - some in just a matter of days!

Ethos MAXPower Fuel Savers can be used on any vehicle engine, either petrol, diesel or LPG powered, to increase mileage by up to 20% or more whilst greatly reducing harmful emissions into the bargain. The unit can be quickly and easily switched from vehicle to vehicle - as long as you remember to remove it before you sell it! 

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