Welcome to the Official site of Mnemosynes CHildrens
Hail up Ozmuses! This time we have Our Official SiTe!
Announcements,prOjects and stuff will all be posted here--you better watch it out!
Wanna see some shoot out we had?
It is also link here to the pictorials part.

By building up this Website,It has been concluded to be seen by citizens of OZworLd.Looking around and checking around,and maybe finding out,what are we made of!

Further from this site you'll be seeing the list of Officers,and the list of our sisters if you don't know them all.And Ofcoarse..the History of the Mnemosynes CHildren,haven't you even thought on how the CLan was brought up?

CHeck it out those Officers who had made their just as well as it can be..!
Comments from the Presidents are posted!..
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