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Simple maths huh? This is my family. Me, my darling hubby and our Gem, Delphine...

I'm still working on these pages... so expect more pictures in the future.

Here's one of our cats, "Toby".

Art Gallery

Here are some of my latest sketches

May 7th 2003

More Artworks

My Tarot Art

- May 12th, 2003; Browneyes, I hope you like the sketch...drawn in a day = I was insomniac last night... Moon's going towards Full. I think You look Great...:)

- May 13th, 2003: Another sleepless pre-full moon night for me... not bad though, I used Newty's picture as a model of this Mage... "Manlor" from the story...

- May 16th, 2003: The Empress; This card was painted all in one go. A clear picture in my head that wouldn't let me stop painting till after it was done. :)

- May 17th, 2003: The Sun... I used a photo of Delphine for this painting :)





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