Ngilah's Sun Sign is Cancer ...

Your sign is that of sensitive Cancer, the fourth sign of the zodiac, the sign characterized by deep feelings and protectiveness. You are known for being nurturing, hospitable, and imaginative, and all your effort goes into making your home a safe place for you and the people you cherish.

The Moon, is the ruler of your sign, and makes you a very intuitive and empathetic person, Ngilah. Like the ebb and flow of the tides, you are both receptive to those you love and willing to offer comfort in return.

Being the first of the water signs, Ngilah, you have psychic powers, and are able to sense feelings and thoughts in others - you feel rather than think. When you love someone, you love truly and deeply, and have the desire to connect on a profound level.

As a Cancer, you rule the fourth house, the sector of the horoscope that describes your emotional roots, your home, your childhood, and your parent of lesser influence, usually your father. Most of all, the fourth house stands for attunement to your inner self.

You are a cardinal sign, Ngilah, which means that your parental instincts compel you to protect and fight for the security of your loved ones. You thrive on drama, and get stronger in situations of crisis.

Your strengths lie in your ability to adapt and cooperate, and your wonderful way of providing comfort. You are devoted and selfless in your dealings with others, Ngilah, which makes you a very dependable person. Since you are attuned to your unconscious, you have a strong imagination and are in touch with your intuition.

One of your weaknesses is that you can get hypersensitive and moody when someone fails to show you their love and appreciation. In situations of insecurity, you sometimes show immature, manipulative, and even tyrannical behavior, and others could see you as overly possessive and dependent.

Your Rising Sign is Leo ...

Leo Rising, you present yourself with dignity, energy, and will. You are able to engage and fascinate people by displaying an incredible amount of self-assurance, and an exquisite sense of courteousness. In some cases, Ngilah, you may even enter into and dominate a situation without being invited, and once you are center stage, you begin your show, very attentive to the audience's applause. Your creativity, mixed with a touch of drama, usually gets you the attention you want, because you strive on the vital energy you receive through recognition and admiration. Sometimes, when you are alone, you turn to the mirror admiring and studying yourself, wondering how others see and think of you.

You can definitely be considered a force of nature, Ngilah, because you never seem to run out of energy. You enjoy a practically indestructible confidence in yourself, which allows you to accomplish great things. When you use your powers for good, you are as generous, humane, open-minded, and faithful as can be, and enjoy sharing your experience with others. You are supportive, loyal, and benevolent, which is the reason why people love and respect you. However, when you use your powers for selfish reasons, your intense personality may suffer from arrogance, autocratic pride, egocentrism and extreme narcissism.

As a Leo Rising, you may have a hard time being independent, in the sense that you take action only after getting other people's opinions on those actions. However, if you act according to your deepest aspirations, without necessarily obtaining other people's approval, you can become the most powerful of all, dear Ngilah. Behind all the sparkle on the outside, you are a very tender, sensitive person with a heart of gold.

Character and Personality

The specificity of Ngilah's personality can be summed up by her nostalgic yearning for her roots - a " paradise lost " which is also a source of energy and vitality. Ngilah's power is linked to memory: she inhabits a present which draws sustenance from the past, from continuity and timelessness. The power of memory can either be dynamic or static, however. The consciousness of an inaccessible past can either immobilize her in melancholy and nostalgia, or shine as an ideal which motivates her to recreate a new harmony. Her attitude and approach to the past are of key importance. If she thinks of it as a refuge, her obsession with it may be such that her progress is impeded. If, on the contrary, she thinks of it as a starting point or launching pad for her comprehension of the human condition, she will integrate it into her self-realization process. Ngilah possesses a potential for great maturation and wisdom.

She is relatively slow-moving, and may feel protected from the outer world by an armor of education, family surroundings (her most cherished environment), and social status. For this reason, she tends to limit the scope of her activities to a single well-defined sphere, and, within the boundaries she has established, releases the entire spectrum of her rich and varied emotional expression. Sometimes she may feel overwhelmed by the prospect of situations which will introduce her to unfamiliar factors and elements; she see them as intrusions. Before she judges an event, a person, or a thing, she attempts to absorb it into her private universe. Of a fairly subjective and introverted turn of mind, she defines everything in terms of the sensation it arouses in her as her consciousness embraces it. This predominance of sensation gives her extreme sensory finesse: her perceptions are intense, keen, penetrating right to the heart of people and things. Her imagination, which is a function of her perceptions, is also lively, colorful, and prolific.

Because she is sometimes self-centered, attentive to and protective of her inner self, she may tend to withdraw into her shell when she encounters an aggression from the outer world. As a result, she may sometimes become distant and secretive. Her tendency to be rather short-tempered and easily offended, a classic flaw, is also the consequence of her need for protection and security. Despite her sensitivity, and her ability to be genuinely virtuous, Ngilah is not always gentle. Her outbreaks of hostility are all the more wounding because of their rarity. However, more than aggressiveness, Ngilah's stubbornness, slow insistence, and undying determination are the extremes which may complicate her life.

Once again, the family setting is vitally important to her. Her attachment to her family in general and her mother in particular is deep. The way she resolves (or has resolved) the transition to adulthood and independence will be crucial to her well-being, both in terms of her inner harmony (the sensation and sensitivity which comprise her identity) and in terms of her relationships with men.

Ngilah thrives in the peace and security of the nest. Her husband and family will be an important part of her life.

Ngilah has a somewhat secretive personality; she is tempted if not compelled to live a somewhat withdrawn life.

At the time of Ngilah's birth, her Rising Sign was located in Leo (the Lion), while the Sun was passing through the constellation of Cancer (the Crab). A summary of the various clues mentioned above provide Ngilah's personality profile; the following key words distill the essence of her character and indicate certain contradictions which may be sources of tension:

Narcissism - Sensitivity - Determination - Imagination - Pride and self-assurance - Eccentricity - Superiority - Savings and thrift - Brilliance - Suspicion - Generosity - Obstinacy - Positivism - Premonition.

Ngilah tends to seek out situations where she can shine. She enjoys having an audience, because it can be a source of love, admiration, and recognition. She often confuses a sense of honor with a penchant for sentiment. Made up of both water and fire, her behavior may lack balance and harmony, because she is torn between an urge to seek total release and the limits imposed by her cautiousness. Nevertheless, she has the authoritarian qualities required for leadership, and knows how to surround herself with strong and loyal friends. Her likes and dislikes are clear.

An idealist, she often promises more than she can provide, out of a desire to be admired for her generosity. Her imagination is applied to her accomplishments, and she knows how to appreciate comfort. She is always aware of being on display, and she derives immeasurable rewards from the applause and acclaim of her audience.

Born between three-and-one-half and seven days after the rising of the Full Moon, Ngilah is said to be a " Shining Moon " type. This soli-lunar configuration gives her a shining personality which is apt to communicate and transmit ideas. Throughout her life, she will be attracted to the idea of acting as a spokesperson for a cause, idea, or person whose message seems essential to her. She will have to develop her powers of discernment, to determine which subjects or people are really worth her personal commitment.

Warm and affable, Ngilah is animated by honesty and generosity. Due to the solar dominant of her birth chart, her father (or a man who served as a father figure, possibly a teacher) influenced her strongly and imprinted her with the positive values which are now at the core of her being. However, her perception and comprehension of the world are filtered through an innate ability for artistic discrimination: a sense of aesthetics. For her, " beauty " is " truth " - and not vice-versa. Style and harmony, and the skills involved with putting things on display, such as artistic representation, light, and transparence, are concepts which come naturally to her, and she makes use of them in her life.

Due to the influence of Venus dominating her birth chart, Ngilah is affectionate and extraordinarily attractive. She enjoys playing the game of seduction, endowed as she is with such irresistible personal magnetism. Her behavior is usually ruled by her feelings, to the exclusion of any other consideration, intellectual, material, or moral. She would be lost without love, and is sometimes haunted by the prospect of loneliness. The joys and sufferings occasioned by her relations with the opposite sex will be the center of her life. However, she might decide to transcend her emotional impulses through artistic expression. If this is the case, her artistic skills could be applied to social or professional endeavors.

Due to the influence of the lunar dominant on her birth chart, Ngilah's character is strongly attached to her image of her mother. She did not (or will not) cut the umbilical cord easily, and she will always identify with her childhood memories, happy or unhappy. Her mother (or a mother figure), was probably strongly protective of her. Psychologically attached to her need for security, she is convinced that she may be overpowered by the demands of adult life. No matter how much she matures and evolves, she will never be out of contact with her inner child. She is sensitive and vulnerable, moody and somewhat easily swayed; subjective and nonchalant. Her inner psychic activity is dynamic: imagination, memory, dreams, sensations, and feelings occupy her mind.

Planet Positions

Sun 29 degrees 04' Cancer

Moon 14 degrees 42' Aries

Mercury 26 degrees 12' Cancer Retrograde

Venus 26 degrees 17' Leo

Mars 19 degrees 09' Aries

Jupiter 08 degrees 18' Aquarius Retrograde

Saturn 28 degrees 45' Gemini

Uranus 19 degrees 13' Libra

Neptune 04 degrees 50' Sagittarius Retrograde

Pluto 02 degrees 06' Libra

Moon's North Node 07 degrees 28' Capricorn Retrograde

Ascendant 24 degrees 05' Leo

Midheaven 26 degrees 07' Taurus


Sun Conjunct Mercury 2 degrees 52'S

Sun SemiSextile Saturn 0 degrees 19'S

Sun Trine Neptune 5 degrees 46'A

Sun Sextile Pluto 3 degrees 02'A

Sun Sextile Midheaven 2 degrees 57'A

Moon Conjunct Mars 4 degrees 27'A

Moon Opposition Uranus 4 degrees 31'A

Moon Square Moon's North Node 7 degrees 14'S

Mercury SemiSextile Venus 0 degrees 05'S

Mercury Square Mars 7 degrees 03'A

Mercury Square Uranus 6 degrees 59'A

Mercury Sextile Midheaven 0 degrees 06'A

Venus Trine Mars 7 degrees 08'S

Venus Sextile Saturn 2 degrees 28'A

Venus Conjunct Ascendant 2 degrees 12'A

Venus Square Midheaven 0 degrees 10'A

Mars Opposition Uranus 0 degrees 04'A

Mars Sesquiquadrate Neptune 0 degrees 41'A

Mars Trine Ascendant 4 degrees 57'S

Jupiter Sextile Neptune 3 degrees 28'A

Jupiter Trine Pluto 6 degrees 12'A

Jupiter SemiSextile Moon's North Node 0 degrees 50'A

Saturn Square Pluto 3 degrees 22'A

Saturn Sextile Ascendant 4 degrees 39'A

Uranus SemiSquare Neptune 0 degrees 38'A

Uranus Sextile Ascendant 4 degrees 53'S

Neptune Sextile Pluto 2 degrees 44'A

Pluto Square Moon's North Node 5 degrees 21'A

Pluto Trine Midheaven 6 degrees 00'A

Moon's North Node Sesquiquadrate Ascendant 1 degrees 38'S

Ascendant Square Midheaven 2 degrees 01'S

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