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A place of love, remembrance and support for all mothers of Angels that sadly flew to Heaven too soon.
This candle burns in memory of all babies and children that flew home too soon.

Angels Forever Loved Support Group is run by Dawn & Nicki who themselves know the pain of a loss of a child/children, whether to miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy or sids.
Dawn lost 14 babies in early pregnancy to miscarriages & ectopic pregnancies.
Nicki sadly lost her daughter to sids age 14 weeks.
Our assistant manager is Trisha who herself lost a baby at 17 weeks gestation.
Together we have formed a beautiful place to remember our children in Heaven together.
We light candles in the group, add our child's names to our 'Memorial Wall', and have our child written up in the sky on our 'Angels In The Sky' page. We endeavour to befriend & support all moms of children in Heaven, no matter the age of their tracic loss.

Please click one of our banners below to come join us.
You'll be so pleased that you did.
(((hugs))) Dawn, Nicki & Trisha
Click above to view Angels Forever Loved Online Memorial Pages (created for all our members)
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