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Angels BYOB Club provides an exclusively unique atmosphere and service. A nightclub like this simply does not exist anywhere else in Texas! It is an incomparable combination; absolutely unlike any other :) !!

What about Harker Heights, TX?

Harker Heights, TX. produces not only some of the finest soldiers, crops & cattle in the world, but also the Club is proud to be part of a time honored tradition of pairing the finest girls with the finest young soldiers, professionals and executives to provide a sensual experience that is unique to our part of the world.

Plan a Trip to Angels BYOB!

Take a moment to browse through our pages and get a taste of our club, then start making your plans to visit Angels BYOB!

The town of Harker Heights is less than 40 miles from the cosmopolitan twin cities of Temple and Belton, but it seems worlds away. No one will know that you have slipped away to treat yourself.  It's the perfect place to spend an afternoon where you can take a break from the children, wife, nagging girlfriend or mother.  Perhaps take a stroll in the park, ducks swimming in the pond with your favorite girl.  Outside of town, you'll see cows, horses and sheep grazing, and acre after acre of corn, wheat and cotton.

Do YOU deserve to treat yourself to Angels  BYOB?

Oh my! What a crock!  We all know that you work hard for your money and put up with a ton of Shit!  You deserve to treat yourself to some fun!  A little R  & R, as they say.


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