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We are closing our doors as of October 5th, 2008.
Please read below.
November 2001
One of the first "Angels" to come to us through an auction.  So thin and emaciated, the vet did not give her 60 days to live.
(Sorry for poor quality of photo - this picture was taken with a regular 35mm camera and had to be scanned).
June 2002
But as you can see, with lots of love and nutritional support, this "Hug Muffin"  gained weight and lived for nearly 3 years with us at our sanctuary. (This really is the SAME horse.  This picture was taken with a digital camera just 8 months later).
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Angels Among Us is CLOSING Permanently.
It has been nearly 7 years since we opened our doors, and it is with great regret that we have to announce our closing.  Over the years, we have mananged to stay afloat, by sheer determination and a lot of luck.  In the beginning, adoptions were happening at a steady pace, but as the years have gone by, and hay prices have increased, adoptions have been few and far between.  Donations last year were also nearly zero.  With the exception of a ton of hay that was donated, every penny required to feed these animals came from our own pockets.  We are not rich, by any means, and we also have our own families to feed, but as long as we had space, we could make do.  Well, the time has come.  We no longer have any pasture available.

We currently have five horses available for adoption.  Mitzy is the only one that currently has a foster family, but this may only be temporary for her.  The other four,
ET, River, Irish, and Angel do not have homes, or anyone interested in adopting them.
(For more info on these horses, please see our "Geldings" and "Mares" pages)
These four horses have temporary pasture until
October 5th.
If we have not found homes for them before that time, we will have no choice but to euthanize them.

We had to euthanize an equine angel this spring because no one wanted him.  Perfectly healthy, with one exception, he was blind. Even though he was blind, he was a beautiful, rideable gelding. He had been used as a trail horse for the spotted bear range, ridden by the forest service rangers, who would act as his eyes.  Blue came to us when he was retired from the forest service.  At first, we had open pasture for him to be on, but when that pasture was sold, we no longer had a place for him that was wide open.  Blue would panic, and run through fences.  We tried in vain to find some place to keep him where he would not be a danger to himself or to others, but in the end, we had to put him down.  We told ourselves then, if we ever had to euthanize another horse simply because it was not wanted, we would close our doors permanently.  And now because of the lack of pasture space and no finances to rent pasture or to pay for hay this winter, we may have no choice but to euthanize the remaining horses we have in our care. 

Adoption placements are NOT being done on a first come first serve basis, even though we are on a time crunch.  We have completely assessed each of these animals for their own unique needs and abilities and we will place these animals with the applicant that we feel will best match with those needs.  We are looking for permanent forever homes for these equine angels.  Thank you for your kind consideration.

UPDATE 9 Sept 08:  Angel has been adopted!!!

UPDATE:  28 SEPT 08:  River, ET and Irish have been adopted.
Our doors have officially closed. Thanks to all of you in the Flathead Valley and beyond, over 80 equine found forever homes.
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