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BIOGRAFIA: Angel Rada was born in October 9th 1948 during a flight (Linea Aeropostal) between Tampa, Florida, and La Habana, Cuba, but he is Venezuelan, son of Venezuelan folks, because the airplane was from Venezuela. He went to Munich Germany soon after, which is where he got his postgrade in Music. He released 22 CDs in South America. He started forming the new Ethnosonic music in 1981. This music genre was a mixture of Earth sounds and electronics. David Copperfield the ilusionist, used Rada's music in his world tour Shows in 1995. Many film producers have made requests for him to make music for films such as The Matrix, Huyendo del sismo produced by Alejandro Plascencia and the Betty Kaplan's film "Simon Bolivar". The magazine, "El Nacional" had an article stating that he was the pioneer of the Ethnosonic Dawn ethnosonic music. In 2001, many of his songs reached the No. 1 point in the music Top 40 Chart of South America. Angel created the ethnosonics music, this music is the mix between any ethnics music and electronics, could be since prehistoric rhythm till the most modern music in world, the ethnosonics music use some minimalism structures, some abstract patterns from serialism or dodecaphonism, in this music some ambients elements could be use as the whales songs or the amazonian birds sings or the aborigins, all types of instrumental equipment from electronica could be use and mix with natural musical instruments , but the rules is Synthesizer and sampler must sound naturals...the first Cd was Ethnosonics impressions (Impresiones etnosonicas) in 1991, it was released by URANIUN RECORDS it was performed by Angel Rada.
THE ETHNOSONIC DAWN: Angel Rada began to study music with his Uncle Gustavo Requiz Fernandez, the master and director of the orchestra Banda municipal de Caracas en Venezuela, his Uncle each Thursday teach him theory and solfeggio, after angel went to Music School " Jose Angel Lamas" to end in the Friederrienne Universitat in Germany, where he has received his degree. Rada was impressed about German electronic music (krautrock) whe he was visiting Kling Klang studio, where Kraftwerk was recording his music, there he knew Klaus Schulze, his master in electronic music, then UPADESA ideas was becoming true and the opera prima as said Cesar prozag, journalist from Brazil. Angel went back to Venezuela in 1980 to record Upadesa, one of the most relevant music besides Autana of Miguel Angel Noya, the meeting between Angel Rada and Miguel Noya will produce the most amazing music in Venezuelan stages, different in context and concepts but both masterworks open the door to others electronic musicians. Angel Rada created his own Record Label,URANIUN RECORDS, one of the Indie record Label of Venezuela, he began with the home studio and the midi technics in Venezuela. It was very difficult to Angel Rada to be admited in stages, many people didn't accept his proposal, because it was not commercial for producers and A&R peoples, only some archie or monkees music was playing by Venezuelan was 1981. In 1982 Rada has released another Album , the double album "Viveka" more experimental than Upadesa, this album became the Record of the week in Mexico and make Rada played in The buddokan in Tokyo Japan, the mos prestigious festival of spring "the original concert" sponsored by Yamaha. Rada released another record called Concert Solar for Bhagavan [[1983], the proposal of a pre-ethnosonic music project, here began the minimalism to mark Rada's music and some elements of ambient music. In 1984 there another double album, " Armaggedon and the third wave revolution", it was inspired in the book "the Third wave " written by Alvin Toffler, using some new ideas of Fritjof Capra, Rada created the most beautiful Aria based in the opera Alexander Nesky de Sergei Prokofiev, but the ethnosonic elements was not defined yet. This double album has many pictures behind the Berlin wall, and it was released through the black market in the Soviet union, right now it's a rare collection work. in 1985 "contuinuum" is released and the ethnosonic music is on the way to reveal new textures in Rada's music. Finally for 1990 "ethnosonic impressions" was released, the music in Venezuela was changing to electronic trends, the Rada concerts were amazing, with all laser shows and quadraphonic sound ... the vanguard until now in Venezuela was a 60's music or Disco music.







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