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What Does a Computer Support Specialist Do?

Computer support specialists assist in troubleshooting computer problems. Whenever a user encounters an issue that he or she cannot solve, computer specialists can help remedy the situation. They are trained in fixing a myriad of common as well as rare and complex glitches, including program installation problems, monitor connectivity issues, and sound quality concerns. With so many differing types of computers, operating systems, and hardware, computer support specialists are valuable in being well-versed in almost everything that could go wrong with any computer, no matter its make or model. There are several different types of computer support specialists. Technical support specialists work with an organization as in-house troubleshooters. When someone reports a problem, the technical support specialist may run a diagnostic test on the problem computer, modify or clean the computerís hardware and software, or repair it if it is damaged. They also manage the organizationís day-to-day computer systems and usage. Help-desk technicians work with outside customers who contact the help desk employees with their problems through the Internet or phone. From the userís description, help-desk technicians must diagnose the computerís problem and talk the user through the steps in resolving it.


How to Become a Computer Support Specialist?

Computer systems and networks are an essential part of the operation of nearly all companies and organizations. At some point in time, computer problems occur and there is an increased demand for support employees to help resolve problems. This is the job of computer support specialists.


What are the prospects for a career in computer support?

Computer support specialist jobs are expected to grow along with the average for all professions. Employment is projected to increase by 13% between 2006 and 2016. (1) As organizations and individuals continue to incorporate new technology, computer support specialists will continue to be in demand. Computer design and associated fields (software, peripherals, etc.) is expected to remain one of the fastest growing industries, which will continue to drive job growth of computer support specialists of all types.

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