Second hand clothing direct shipment presentation.

Dear Sirs

We are the South African Administration Office for the execution of all marketing, admin and financial matters for our packing factory in Canada.

Our factory facilities The factory currently employs 40 workers involved in sorting and packing of 100 and 80 lb bales (45 kilogram bales). There are a number of baling and weighing machines and it is capable or executing your contract.

We have three floor managers with a lot of experience in the field managing the workers and running the operations.

The raw materials come in from the USA in trailer loads - mostly 40 ft containers and are then sorted in the factory into quality and categories.

Our factory is very modern, super clean and has all the infrastructure of a well run business in that sector.

The size of the factory is about 10000 square fees in Canadian terms or more. The rest of the infrastructure is used by the shareholders and is + 200 Square meters.

The goods are sorted out in separate baskets according to customer order and then passed through the baling machines which automatically wraps each bale.

The total procedure is highly automated apart from the sorting which is done by hand to satisfy you, our client.

When exports are done, we call the SGS inspectors out to approve the quality certification on the shipment and the health department for the fumigation certificate to comply with international standards on exports.

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