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Welcome to my first page. I'm so glad that you could visit. Over the next few weeks, you be able to witness the complete transformation of this site from "down right terrible" to "pretty damn good". Stay tuned. This should be fun. If you have any suggestions, feel free to drop me an email!

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Angel TaylorI was born Angel Taylor on March 14, 1980 weighing 7lbs.14oz. I am the first of my mother�s two children and the first of my fathers three. I was born in Lawton/Ft. Sill, Oklahoma at Comanche County Hospital. I now reside in Decatur, Georgia with my loving boyfriend.

I am also the mother of Rafael Jr., my first beautiful son born November 5, 1997 and Bobby Ray III, my second beautiful son born November 29, 2005.

Bobby and AngelYou may not know him now but you will. I have the most wonderful man in my life. I call him Bobby, but you can call him Agony. We've been together for 3 years and he is the father of my youngest son. I see nothing but good things ahead.
He's currently pursuing a degree in Criminal Justice and is well on his way to becoming one of Atlanta's Top DJs/Rappers.

Every man has a woman as every woman has a man.
God made woman from man and also for man.
To be a strong man is to stand by your woman and to be a strong woman is to stand by your man.

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