Where The Love Grows
Aurora Starr, an up-and-coming Broadway actress, is compelled by her recent play's author, Jareth Owl. He is so much like the animal he is named for, a loner as well as an avid hunter of small prey. Aurora soon becomes Jareth's prey.

Aurora is engaged to be married to William Hathaway. One night of rare passion shatters Aurora's dreams, and one fateful wish brings her to a new realization. Jareth is the man of her dreams, but something lurking deep in Jareth's cool eyes makes Aurora fearful of him.

The play is a smash hit, and everyone is honored who participated in it. A few years later, and Aurora is a stressed-out mother whose husband cannot seem to pry himself away from his office. She's lonely, and discontent. The upcoming play is written by a man of her past, and she has confusing dreams of Jareth.

Weeks without enough rest, and her new play getting horrid reviews leaves Aurora stressed, and eager to leave this world behind. Sarah gets collic, and it sends her over the edge. A few seemingly innocent words leads her to a race to rescue her precious child from untold dangers. Aurora is transported to the Goblin Kingdom, where Jareth rules all that can be seen. He will try to rule Aurora's heart as well.
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