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Please bear in mind that Angel Heart carries an 18 certificate.
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Angel Heart is a rare film that promises a vision of Hell - and actually delivers. Alan Parker's 1987 film follows private detective Harry Angel on a journey of self discovery - a journey orchestrated by the charismatic and cryptic Louis Cyphre. Unlike other stories where troubled characters "find themselves", there is no happy ending, no redemption, no catharsis and no cleansing of the soul.

The film features stunning imagery: fans turn withershins,blood won't wash off, eggs represent the human soul and spiral staircases like nautilus shells lead us down to Hell with Harry. The final part of his journey - a mundane descent in a steel cage lift, with no sound other than the screeching of metal - is one of the most terrifying and imaginative endings in cinema history

Hopefully, this site will grow to feature film stills, reviews, trivia and a few ideas on why hell rarely gets the proper tour in films. Come back soon.

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