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Maria Horvath's Photography
Welcome to my website.  I am a freelance  photographer whose passion is to capture the beauty of nature and also do special effects with Photoshop..  I have been involved in photography for as long as I can remember. 

I am continually venturing into more avenues and add to the site as I can.  All my work is done with my Sony f717 digital.

Photoshop is used for any graphical enhancements and also to create any special effect images.

I hope you enjoy my site and offer any thoughts or comments as you view it.

I do hope to update as I can so there will be different things to view.
Thank you.
Maria, Photographer
Maria's 2002 Summer Photos
Richard's Astronomy Page
Maria's Webshots Photos
Maria Horvath
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Iffy's Website - North Carolina
My Life---Photos
Macro Photos
Scenic Pennsylvania
PA Railroads/Trains
Photo Effects -PS
Portraits of Krissy
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and Special Effect Graphics
I never walk alone...my mission is to photograph all the beauty I see through my lens and share it with the world
Please join me and take a walk with my lens and I
Pierre & Mariann'e Old Photo-Fix
Pennsylvania is rich with mountains, rivers and beautiful changing of seasons. Below are links to my selection of photographs. If you would like a larger format version please email me, Maria
Many thanks to all the better photographers I have met along the way who have shared their knowledge enabling me to capture the world the best I can. Special thanks to Essie for her guidance and knowledge and Richard for all his help in mastering Photoshop.
Photography,PS & Stationery Links
Maria's Image of Dreams Digital Art
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Photo of the Week
Click this week's feature photo by Marianne, Alabama USA to see a larger view and other entries.
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