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Endometriosis, Family Life and Me

Endometriosis, Family Life and Me is my way of saying a big "Thank You" to my family and friends. To my Mum for keeping such a brave face even though your eyes and voice say otherwise. To my Sisters and Brother for being so supportive, loving and understanding. To my Husband for making me believe that dreams do come true. To my Daughter for teaching me how to laugh again. To my Friends for patiently waiting for your e-mails and finally to my fellow sufferers; knowing you are out there has been a great source of inspiration.
This site is also a tribute to the tireless efforts of charitable organisations like the National Endometriosis Society and indeed to any organisation out there providing compassion and support for the sufferers and their families of the many diseases that invade our world today.

The information offered here will hopefully serve not only current sufferers, but those who maybe be curious about the condition and want to know more or those in the situation I was in many years ago when I was first diagnosed and knew nothing of the condition and was desperate for information.
I have also written my story. The story starts from when I was first diagnosed to present day and how I have (hopefully) grown from what I term as an 'Endo victim' into a wife and mother.
Whatever reason brought you here today; I thank you for dropping by.

Please remember that the contents of this site are for information purposes only and  based on my personal experiences and not intended as an endorsement of  any kind.
Angela Chalmers

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