This site is Maintained in Memory of my dear friend Laura Pann.


Welcome to our Homepage here at Geocities Heartland Hills! This web site has been owned for several years by my dear friend Laura. Due to her illness she was going to remove the site and take her beautiful poetry and pages down, I have been given the honor of now taking care of this site and her pages. Along with hers I will also be adding some of my own and together I hope that we are able to touch a heart and bring some joy and inspiration to others. About the main photo above....this is in my oppinion a beautiful interpitation of Laura as an angel looking down from above on her dear pups who have brought her so much love and comfort in her time of need. Abranda Sisson is the artist of this beautiful angel and we thank her for allowing us to use her artwork.

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As you look through the many pages here, please pray for Laura and her family. She is home resting as comfortably as she can. The doctors have given Laura two weeks to two months for her to be with us. They have found a very agressive cancer in her liver and both her liver and kidneys are now in failure. Laura is one of the bravest, strongest ladies I know. I pray that the Lord brings her peace and the knowledge that she has indeed touched many lives and has made many true friends in her life's travels!

**** Update**** Sadly on Wednesday Morning my dearest friend Laura went to be with our Lord Jesus in Heaven. She went to sleep on Tuesday night and as she was dreaming of her sweet Lord's face, He came to greet her and take her home! Her Husband Larry sat with her and held her sweet hand all night and when he woke he found she had slipped away peacefully in her sleep! I am going to miss my dear Friend Laura so very much! She and I had become so very close through the years and I will always love her and my little girl will forever remember Mommy's Laura!!! Please continue to pray for Larry and Laura's Mom, who has lost her Daughter Cathy last Easter(02), her Husband in January and now her Daughter Laura. Laura was so concerned for her Mother, and plans were in the works for her Mom to come and stay with Laura so that it would benifit them both! So please keep them in your prayers! Laura touched so many with her Love and way with words. Please enjoy these pages that I am preserving in her memory, her heart and soul are in these pages. Thank you Rhonda


NOTE: All components of this site, other than those created or written by Laura or Rhonda, were gleaned from sites who offered them as free use items. In some instances where credit and links were requested, I have done as requested. If, by any chance, I have inadvertently neglected to give credit where due, or violated anyone's copyright, notify me by email. I will apologize, and correct the situation immediately. Likewise, I ask you to not use any of my writings or graphics, unless you have requested and been granted permission by myself. Thank You, Laura and Rhonda

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