Drink, Party, and Be Safe

College kids love to party. Let's face it. And partying does not always mean chips and punch. More often than not, kids drink more than punch. This is web page is going to provide some helpful hints, links to other pages, and interesting statistics to help kids (and everyone else) stay safe when they drink.

More people die between the ages of 6 and 33 from traffic related accidents than from any other type of accident. And the single most influencing factor on whether the individual lives or dies is the state of sobriety of the drivers. The fact that alcohol can account for so many deaths is frightening to say the least. For more information on traffic accidents click here.

I attended a traffic safety course recently and learned some very interesting statutes and information about drinking and driving in the state of Arizona. Visit: http://www.geocities.com/angelaha/index2.html

It is also important to educate yourself and others on college binge drinking and what it can do to yourself and others. For more information and helpul links visit: http://www.geocities.com/angelaha/index3.html

And finally, for the mature people who can handle their alcohol and know when to call it quits and hand over the keys, check out this website that provides cool links to sites where you can purchase knick knacks and keepsakes with your favorite logos:http://www.geocities.com/angelaha/index4.html 1

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