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04  Thyela's Birthday
11  She-ann's Birthday
18  Genna's Birthday
22  Trasi's Birthday
22  Li-an's Birthday
22  Jai's Birthday
28  Tina's Birthday

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   April 21, 2004   [1:20 PM]

Just so everyone knows, chini and i are working on a new layout... the current one just seems to have gotten old and boring. We'll try our best to come up with something fresh and interesting, add tons of new stuff n'all. I'll also try to find a good forum host so there'll be greater interaction aside from the usual tagboard. We are very much open for suggestions as always, you can easily do so by making use of the "contact us" portion on the bottm-left side of the page.

By the way, i removed the fireworks js -- aside from the fact that three months has already passed after we celebrated new year, its giving everyone a headache. Sorry beryl..

One last note: A Very Happy Birthday to the triple celebrators of the class for the 22nd of April.. To Trasi, Li-an and Jai... I hope you all have a blast!!! ^_^

>>> kiel

   January 18, 2004   [1:48 PM]

Ang daming may berday --- HABERDAY PO SA LAHAT!!!! ^_^

>>> kiel

   December 25, 2003   [6:58 PM]

Article "We'll Surely Miss These..." by Et, Pazi and Ochie updated!!! All add-ons are from Ochie. (thanks Ochie!) Click on the title for a quick link.

Happy Christmas!!!

>>> kiel

   December 22, 2003   [1:24 AM]

Good Lord!!! Why the hell is it snowing in here??? hmmnnn...

Its only a few days to go before christmas... Thus, I would like to wish you all a very HAPPY CHRISTMAS!!! As you can see, a lot of modifications has been made. Some NEW! stuff has been added... Do email me for anything at all you guys want to add. Otei?! (while xmas break is still on, that is [samantalahin!]) Well, thats all for now. Again -- have a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year!!!

>>> kiel

   October 21, 2003   [5:02 AM]

Guys! I hope you aren't too mad at me for seemingly neglecting our site. I've been really really busy with skul stuff and all. (napakademanding ng aking kurso, tanong nio pa si pachi, saksi siya sa mga pagdurusa ng isang estudyante ng pt) Anyway, since sem-break naman, im trying to catch up with my updates. October na sa wakas ang nakalagay sa sked. And ive managed to fix a couple of errors. Regarding the profile section, i honestly don't know if it will ever be done. The problem being - the info and pictures we gathered before the school year ended is not enough and is too incomplete. Another problem is - nagcrash pc namen, kinailangan naming ipareformat - meaning nabura lahat ng nakasave na pic and info na nasa akin including the back-up for this site. I really am awfully sorry! Thus, I'm asking you guys if you could please help me out... do tell me what i should do...i really want this to work out. Don't we all?

Enough with that, happy birthday to CHINI! miss na kita chini!

>>> kiel

   August 6, 2003   [8:37 AM]

Sorry people for the delay in update but i promise that from now on I'll be updating regularly . Don't worry Kiel i won't destroy the site... Hopefully... So if you guys wanna add something here just email me coz i don't read those tags that you place there... Well that's all. Hope you guys are doing great wherever you guys are!! ohh!! before i forget... me=S7... to those who are wondering...

>>> ChInI

  June 2, 2003   [6:05 PM]

People! my apologies for not updating for the past few umm...days? ok, fine...weeks. My brain activated just recently, that's why. Anyway, as you can see... i've managed place relevant links on the lower left corner. I honestly don't know the other class' web site. So, if you do know, just inform me. And if you want me to place a link on a specific site (yours, anything koolasa related, or a spectacular site you can't keep to yourself), don't hesitate to tell me and i'll place it there right away! (as soon as i can, that is) ...=~_^=

I was wondering if anyone would be willing to do some sort of list on where the people from our class will and have gone (college/university, that is) ...including the course we've taken? well...so at the very least we'll still have a scoop on each other's life...right???

>>> kiel

   May 17, 2003   [12:00 AM]

Happy Bday to Peach And Ochie.

>>> PaZi

    May 14, 2003   [6:16 PM]

Happy Birthday ET, Happy Birthday ET! Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday Et***(sshh, bad word)!.hehe.

>>> PaZi

    May 8, 2003   [5:54 PM]

Belated Happy Birthday to St.Angela's Mau a.k.a Kurimau Kulafu! And to the Angels, don't forget to attend Ochie's debut on May 17, 2003.

>>> PaZi

    May 5, 2003   [8:52 PM]

The ring tones for our grad songs are now available for the public. Just click on the grad song from the menu then you'll immediately find a link to it. Ive also updated the litsec. Check out the article We'll surely miss these..., there were some add-ons by the great Paziwazibear. All angels are encouraged to add to that by the way. Ive also edited the wrong names posted. [I'm so sorry harriet and et] well, thats about it.

>>> kiel

    May 3, 2003   [11:47 PM]

We're currently #24 in the rankings of the most active tagboards... yey. hhmp... keep on tagging...SHOUT dont whisper! hehe.

>>> kiel

    May 3, 2003   [2:23 PM]

Hey people! im so HAPPY to say that the guestbook is up and working!!! [phew...sumaket din ulo ko dyan...nakalimutan ko n kse yang mga frames na yan...] ive also managed to fix some other broken links esp. the ones linking to the home page. ayon lng poh.. do inform me if there are still any missing pages/ broken links... CIAO!

>>> kiel

    May 1, 2003   [2:54 PM]

Happy happy b-day to mingming!!!! miss n kta seatm8!!!

>>> kiel

   April 30, 2003   [5:30 PM]

I'm SOOOO sorry it took so long for this to complete! I unfortunately had some major bug problems [bug=my dad]......... BUT!! it's here and it's done [save for the profiles] so I do hope you all like it! Its not that much...really. Its actually ...ehem... quite SIMPLE...[compared to other sites that is] But hey! we have to stick with SIMPLICITY OF LIFESYLE! [i can't believe i just said that]...anyway, I'd be udating and upgrading it from time to time so cheer up! Email me for complaints, comments or suggestions at [email protected]... =^_~=

>>> kiel



Calling all class artists -- do submit any and all of your original artworks to be given proper recognition!!! *smirk* (yoohoo!!! bem-ar, charm, chini??? kahet ano lng poh...)

just a few nice art works i happen to stumble onto...^_~  NEW!

Engraving of Battle of the Angels by Dore, 1866
An engraving by the French printmaker Gustave Dore of Battle of the Angels, a scene from John Milton's Paradise Lost.

Engraving of Jacob Wrestling With the Angel by Dore, 1866
An engraving by the French printmaker Gustave Dore of Jacob Wrestling With the Angel, a scene from Dore's Bible.

Engraving of Fallen Angels by Dore, 1866
An engraving by the French printmaker Gustave Dore of Fallen Angels, a scene from John Milton's Paradise Lost.

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