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I am in the process of updating my site. You will notice big changes to it. I am
going to do my best to get away from some of the negative and focus more
on the positive. This has been a long time coming but I feel it is necessary for
me and my family.

Please be patient it will take some time.

Angels are Everywhere

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A little about me:

I am now married again and loving every minute of it. I live in
Georgia where I stay at home because of my youngest daughter's
health problems.

I have seen alot of sadness in my years and a lot of joy. I have
experienced both the worse life has to offer and lived the best.

My faith has gotten me this far and will get me even farther. I have
days where I am not very happy and then I look into the faces
of my children and I realize that God has given me what I have to
make me the person I am.

My children are my entire world and my entire future, without them
I would be just a woman but with them I am MOM!

I hope you enjoy this web site as much as it has meant to me to
put it together.

I will periodically change out my poems in order for you to
read them. Some are love poems and some are more serious
in nature.

Thank you for taking the time to visit me.

Never take for granted you will have tomorrow to say "I love you",
because tomorrow is not guaranteed to any of us, so make
sure you say it today.

All poems are my own work unless otherwise noted.

Please be respectful and do not take them without permission.

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