The Bartlett Family

Christmas 2005

This is our most recent picture from Christmas.
Click on it for more photos!!

Hello Everbody!

Well, We decided to get a new homepage together.
Mostly because We have lots of cool thing to share with you
but before you go exploring I felt a brief introduction was in order.
We are one of several Bartlett Families.
We like our last name and we hope those of you that share
it with us like yours as well.
We currently live in Irvine, Kentucky. We love it here.
We are 4 strong and so we decided to have a page
for each one of us but it became two. Soooo...

Where would you like to go?
Might I suggest our new Message Board!!!!
Bartlett Blog, our blog page.
Charles's Page
Angela's Page
CJ's Page
Nicole Rachael Anne's Page

If you click on the photos they will take you to
personal albums full of photos we want to share with you.
Last Updated on: 6/8/06
Last Page updated: Charles' album


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