Diocese of Paranaque:

The Diocese of Parañaque is one of the 72 ecclesiastical territories called dioceses
of the Roman Catholic Church in the Philippines.
It comprises the cities of Parañaque, Las Piñas, and Muntinlupa.
It was established on December 7, 2002 appointing
Rev. Jesse Mercado as its first Bishop.
The diocese comprises 47 parishes, one chaplaincy and two shrines:
22 parishes and one shrine in Paranaque; 14 parishes in Las Pinas;
and 11 parishes, one shrine and one chaplaincy in Muntinlupa.
The Cathedral Parish of St. Andrew in La Huerta, Parañaque serves as
the seat of the diocese.

We, the local church of the Diocese of Parañaque,
envision ourselves as a communion of diverse communities,
embracing and sharing in Jesus' mission to proclaim the Reign of the Father,
constantly renewed by the Holy Spirit and accompanied by Mary,
our Mother and Model.


Ministry of the Diocesan Youth: Fr. Rodyn R. Dela Torre - Minister

I. Vicariate of Sta. Rita De Cascia
Vicar Forane: Fr. Ariel Tecson, RCJ

1. Parish: St. Andrew Cathedral
Address: La Huerta, Quirino Ave., Parañaque City
Telephone Numbers: 826-1760; 820-7178
Parish Priest/Rector: Msgr. Manuel G. Gabriel
Attached Priest: Fr. Virginio Pedregosa
Priest on loan: Fr. Jorge Carao
Guest Priest: Fr. Renato dela Rosa, Fr. Norberto Ochoa, Fr. Clive Alvyn Ocon

2. Parish: Immaculate Conception Parish
Address: Marquez St., cor. Chapel Road, Gatchalian Village, Manuyo Dos, Las Piñas City
Telephone Number: 820-7540
Parish Priest: Fr. Rodyn de la Torre
Guest Priest: Fr. Glenn Baes

3. Parish: Mary, Queen of Apostles Parish
Address: San Miguel St., San Antonio Valley 6, Dr. A. Santos, Para–aque City
Telephone Nembers: 826-5315; 826-0776
Parish Priest: Fr. Steven Baumbusch, PIME
Parochial Vicar: Fr. Robert Ngairi, PIME

4. Parish: Our Mother of Perpetual Help Parish
Address: Redemptorist Road, Baclaran, Parañaque City
Telephone Numbers: 832-1150 to 51; 551-2609
Rector: Fr. Joseph Echano, CSsR

5. Parish: Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary Parish (Multinational)
Address: Rogationist Fathers Ave., Multinational Village, Parañaque City
Telephone Numbers: 825-0216; 829-0452; 829-2636
Parish Priest: Fr. Ariel Tecson, RCJ

6. Parish: St. Joseph Parish (Tambo)
Address: 223 Quirino Avenue, Tambo, Para–aque City
Telephone Numbers: 853-4446; 851-2380
Parish Priest: Fr. Roderick S. Pacoma

7. Parish: Sta. Rita de Cascia Parish
Address: Quirino Avenue, Baclaran, Parañaque City;
Telephone Numbers: 832-3515; 832-3505; 853-3139
Parish Priest: Fr. Jose P. Duabe
Guest Priest: Fr. Matthew Thuniampral

8. Parish: Sto. Niño Parish
Address: 8542 Col. E.L. de Leon Street, Sto. Niño, Para¬ñaque City
Telephone Numbers: 851-1525; 853-9926; 805-8817
Parish Priest: Fr. Prudencio Interno, Jr.

II. Vicariate of San Antonio De Padua
Vicar Forane: Msgr. Mario F. Martinez
1. Parish: Our Lady of Unity Parish
Address: 9th Street, UPS-V, Sucat, Parañaque City
Telephone Numbers: 825-7589; 826-3380
Parish Administrator: Fr. Amado Gino

2. Parish: Jesus, The Divine Healer Parish
Address: 12 Lily Street, Tahanan Village, Parañaque City
Telephone Numbers: 809-0978; 809-0979
Parish Priest: Fr. Melchor Montalbo, Jr.
Guest Priest: Fr. Allan Lapay.

3. Parish: Ascension of Our Lord Parish
Address: Rainbow Drive, Goodwill 2 Subd., Sucat, Parañaque City
Telephone Number: 829-6768
Parish Priest: Fr. Benjamin Molina, Jr.

4. Parish: Mary, Mother of Good Counsel Parish
Address: Peach St., Marcelo Green Village, Parañaque City
Telephone Numbers: 821-3789; 821-3671
Parish Priest: Msgr. Jose Bernardo
Priest on loan: Fr. Charles Isagan, Fr. Danilo Madera, Fr. Ike Temporanza

5. Parish: Our Lady of Grace Parish
Address: Doña Irenea Ave., Ireneville I Subd., Sucat, Parañaque City
Telephone Number: 826-9606
Parish Administrator: Fr. Remigio Omale
Guest Priest: Fr. Crisogono Baroy, Jr.

6. Parish: Our Lady of Peace Parish
Address: Press Drive cor. Cadena de Amor, Fourth Estate, Parañaque City
Telephone Numbers: 829-4859; 825-4604
Parish Priest: Fr. Rustico Cruz
Guest Priest: Fr. Bernardo Bacsal

7. Parish: Presentation of the Child Jesus Parish
Address: Francisco Cruz cor. Aguirre Avenue, B.F. Homes, Phase 3, Parañaque City
Telephone Numbers: 825-4151; 826-7390
Parish Priest: Fr. Rolando Agustin
Parochial Vicars: Fr. Rodel Paulino, Fr. Lamberto Legaspino
Guest Priest: Fr. Alberto Caballero, SDB

8. Parish: Resurrection of Our Lord Parish
Address: J. Cabanus cor. Gng. Elsie Gatches St., B.F. Homes, Phase I, Parañaque City
Telephone Numbers: 842-5434; 842-0933
Parish Priest: Msgr. Mario F. Martinez
Parochial Vicar: Fr. Anthony Gonzales
Guest Priest: Fr. Jude Rebaldo

9. Parish: San Antonio de Padua Parish
Address: San Antonio Avenue, Sun Valley I, Sucat, Parañaque City
Telephone Numbers: 826-8877; 826-1671; 542-3942
Parish Priest: Msgr. Armando A. Villaruz
Guest Priest: Fr. Danilo Ferrandiz, Fr. Rico Nobleza

III. Vicariate of St. Martin de Porres
Vicar Forane: Fr. Agalito T. Tarog

1. Parish: Holy Infant Jesus Parish
Address: Roxas cor. Aguinaldo Street, South Admiral Village, Brgy. Merville, Parañaque City
Telephone Number: 821-2004
Parish Priest: Fr. Agalito Tarog

2. Parish: Holy Eucharist Parish
Address: Armstrong Avenue, Moonwalk Village, Parañaque City
Telephone Numbers: 821-4437; 822-0186
Parish Priest: Fr. John Morota
Guest Priest: Fr. Allan Ocdenaria

3. Parish: Our Lady of Beautiful Love Parish
Address: 80 Washington St., Merville Park Subd., Parañaque City;
Telephone Number: 824-2688
Parish Priest: Fr. Antonio Villanueva

4. Parish: Mary Help of Christians Parish
Address: Better Living Subd., Parañaque City
Telephone Numbers: 832-9220; 832-9263
Parish Priest: Fr. Ramon O. Garcia, SDB

5. Parish: Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary Parish (Sun Valley)
Address: 4098 Bougain¬ville Road, Sun Valley Subd., Parañaque City
Telephone Numbers: 823-1210; 823-0330; 823-0362
Parish Priest: Fr. Leovigildo Acierto, CP
Attached Priests: Fr. Julito Villarente, CP, Fr. Manny Gellez, CP

6. Parish: San Agustin Parish
Address: Bo. San Agustin, Moonwalk, Parañaque City
Telephone Numbers: 823-8557; 542-3492; 822-4958
Parish Priest: Fr. Jerome Jacobo, OFM-Conv.
Guest Priest: Fr. Cezar Vasquez, OFM-Conv.

7. Parish: St. Martin De Porres Parish
Address: Narra Street, United Hills Village (UPS I) Parañaque City
Telelephone Number: 823-2842
Parish Priest: Fr. Elmer B. Ilao

Address: Don Lauro Ave., Levitown Estate, Better Living Subdivision, Parañaque City. Telefax Number: 776-79-55
Parish Priest: Fr. Saul Maquinto, SHMI

IV. Vicariate of St. Joseph
Vicar Forane: Msgr. Albert A. Venus

1. Parish: St. Joseph Parish (Bamboo Organ)
Address: Diego Cerra Ave., Las Piñas City
Telephone Numbers: 826-1856; 829-8503
Parish Priest: Msgr. Albert A. Venus
Priest on loan: Fr. Gregorio Garcia
Guest Priests: Fr. Joseph Landero, SDB, Fr. Jose Bron Soler

2. Parish: Christ the King Parish
San Isidro Subd., Pamplona, Las Piñas City
Telephone Number: 874-0640
Parish Priest: Msgr. Benedicto S. Aquino

3. Parish: Good Shepherd Parish
Address: 14 Sang¬gumay St., Doña Manuela Subd., Las Piñas City
Telephone Numbers: 873-5837; 875-3311
Parish Priest: Fr. Gus O’Driscoll, SMA
Attached Priest: Fr. Alan Cañoneo, SMA

4. Parish: Last Supper of Our Lord Parish
Address: Manila Times Village, Pam¬plona, Las Piñas City
Telephone Number: 872-4392
Parish Priest: Fr. August Pulido

5. Parish: Our Lady of Fatima Parish
Address: Fatima St., Philamlife Village, Las Piñas City;
Telephone Numbers: 872-9539; 871-0223; 874-2472
Parish Priest: Fr. Gerard B. Mascariña
Guest Priest: Fr. Rudy Magbata

6. Parish: St. Joseph the Worker Parish
Address: Mariposa & Monarck Sts., Mariposa Subd., Las Piñãs City
Telephone Number: 820-9617
Parish Administrator: Fr. Rolando Agustin

V. Vicariate of the Holy Family
Vicar Forane: Fr. Gregory H. Ramos

1. Parish: Santo Cristo Parish
Address: Soldiers’ Hill II Subd., Las Piñas City
Telephone Numbers: 805-4081; 800-3459; 805-8817
Parish Priest: Fr. Amado B. Arroyo

2. Parish: Holy Family Parish
Address: 29 CRM Dulce cor. CRM Ave., BF Homes Almanza, Las Piñas City
Telephone Number: 801-4919
Parish Priest: Fr. Rosello Hernandez
Priest on loan: Fr. Nigel Bernas
Guest Priest: Fr. Augustine Hinayan

3. Parish: Five Wounds of Our Lord Parish
Address: 364 Real St., Talon, Las Piñas City;
Telephone Numbers: 801-4020; 805-0987
Parish Priest: Fr. Romolo Bertoni, CSS
Attached Priests: Fr. Nazario Pontillo, CSS, Fr. Leonil Edrozo, CSS

4. Parish: Mary Immaculate Parish
Address: Apollo 11 St., Moonwalk Village, Talon V, Las Piñas City
Telephone Numbers: 801-7806; 805-5067; 805-7225
Parish Priest: Fr. Fidel Fabile
Guest Priests: Fr. Paul Htun La, Fr. Benedict Than Lwin

5. Parish: Mary, Mother of the Church Parish
Address: Capitoline Hills Street, Vista Grande, BF Homes Resort, Las Piñas City
Telephone Number: 873-9287
Parish Priest: Msgr. Felipe Ocol
Attached Priests: Fr. Joel Ador, Fr. Jesus Estrada

6. Parish: Our Lady of the Pillar Parish
Address: Mercury Road, Pilar Village, Las Piñas City
Telephone Numbers: 806-1555; 800-8089
Parish Priest: Fr. Gregory H. Ramos
Guest Priests: Msgr. Roberto Guiuan, Fr. Albert Bonayon, Fr. Nestor Remaat

7. Parish: San Isidro Labrador Parish
Address: Sampaguita St., GM Homes Almanza I, Las Piñas City
Telephone Number: 805-3180
Parish Priest: Fr. Enrico S. Salazar

VI. Vicariate of Our Lady of Abandoned
Vicar Forane: Fr. Francisco Siguan, Jr.

1. Parish: San Roque Parish (Alabang)
Address: T. Molina cor. Mendiola St., Alabang, Muntin¬lupa City
Telephone Numbers: 842-2016; 850-0922
Parish Priest: Fr. Jericho H. Habunal
Guest Priests: Fr. Remar Dagoc, Fr. Antonio Chua

2. Parish: Ina ng Awa Parish
Address: National Bureau of Correction, NBP Reservation, Muntinlupa City
Telephone Numbers: 807-0492; 569-5104
Parish Administrator: Fr. Dennis Ilogon, OSM
Msgr. Roberto Olaguer, Chaplain, NBP chapel

3. Parish: L’Annunziata Parish
Address: Don Pedro Reyes Ave., Victoria Homes Subd., Tunasan, Muntinlupa City
Telephone Numbers: 869-3665; 568-4554
Parish Priest: Fr. Napoleon Jinon, OSJ

4. Parish: Mary Cause of Our Joy Parish
Address: Soldiers’ Hill Village, Mun¬tinlupa City
Telephone Numbers. 809-8644; 807-2020; 842-3939
Parish Priest: Fr. Inocencio Palmani

5. Parish: Mary, Mother of God Parish
Address: National Road, Bayanan, Muntinlupa City
Telephone Number: 862-1746
Parish Priest: Fr. Alfredo Ramos
Guest Priest: Fr. Graciano Fereira, MHM

6. Parish: Our Lady of Miraculous Medal National Shrine
Address: Posadas Village, Sucat, Muntinlupa City
Telephone Numbers: 837-1004; 837-2256
Parish Priest: Fr. Bernardo Diaz, CM
Parochial Vicar: Fr. Nelson Bisco, CM

7. Parish: Our Lady of the Abandoned Shrine
Address: National Road, Pob¬lacion, 1766 Muntinlupa City
Telephone Number: 861-0519
Tel./Fax: 861-5801/2441
Parish Priest: Msgr. Melchor David

8. Parish: Sacred Heart of Jesus Chaplaincy
Address: Hillsborough, Cupang, Muntin¬lupa City
Telephone Number: 807-9847
Chaplain: Fr. Francisco Siguan, Jr.

9. Parish: San Nicolas De Tolentino Parish
Address: M.L. Quezon Street, Cupang, Muntinlupa City
Telephone Number: 850-3252
Parish Priest: Fr. Joselito V. Villanueva

10. Parish: St. James The Great Parish
Address: Cuenca cor. Ibaan St., Ayala Alabang Village, Muntinlupa City
Telephones: 842-5140; 807-1623
Parish Priest: Msgr. Ernesto Joaquin
Parochial Vicar: Msgr. Rufino Suplido, Jr.
Priest on loan: Fr. Julius Lupot
Guest Priest: Fr. Ian Trillanes

11. Parish: St. Jerome Emiliani Parish
Address: Commerce Avenue, New Alabang Village, Muntinlupa City
Telephone Numbers. 842-4947; 842-2923
Parish Priest: Fr. Grato Germanetto, CRS
Attached Priests: Fr. Domingo Batac, CRS, Fr. Manuel Lobo, CRS

12. Parish: St. Peregrine Laziosi Shrine
Address: National Road, Tunasan, Mun¬tinlupa City
Telephone Numbers: 842-2424; 861-7873; 861-3915
Parish Priest: Fr. Dominador Javier, OSM

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