New theories about light, the elementary particles and the basic forces of nature are proposed.

The experiments of Kaufmann, Fizeau, Hertz, Davisson-Germer, Sagnac and Feynman are analyzed with a new point of view.

The mystery of "wave-particle duality" is solved!

The real structures of light, photons, electrons, neutrinos, protons, neutrons and the atom are revealed.

The theories are presented in a very concise, precise and simple style.


 Manuscript version of November, 2012

(Things corrected, things changed and new things developed since the first version.)


          A NEW LIGHT IN PHYSICS                                                 



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Some corrections in the original manuscript mainly in Section 1.1 were made thanks to some honest criticisms I could find. Section 1.1-A "The perfect problem that shows Relativity inconsistency", Section 1.1-D "Absolute Magnetic Force"  and Appendix A "The real Equation of Force is F=ma" were developed with the inspiration originated while trying to give support to my expressed disagreement with Relativity Theory.

Section  4.6 about Feynman experiment and Section 5,5 about Quantum Tunneling  are interpretations of those phenomena that surged when they were presented as possible "stones" to the proposed theories and were incorporated to the manuscript.



"Sometimes we don't see what we don't want to see."

"Sometimes we don't find what we are not looking for."



Some not good interpretations of some experiments and very bad unlucky coincidences have happened in the past which made everyone think wrong for a century.

May be the worst unhappy one is the De Broglie's proposition of a wave associated to matter that derived in the Schrödinger's equation and the Wave Mechanics Theory.
It was a very bad coincidence that the formula he proposed seemed to be confirmed by a later experiment and seemed to prove the theory while the formula is valid because of another physical phenomenon!

Something similar happens with Einstein's Relativity Theory.

If these didn't happen the history of Physics would have been totally different.

I have discovered those unlucky and unhappy errors and how to solve them, but I'm an Electrical Engineer not a Physicist. Is up to real physicists to take my work and develop a "New Physics". My work should be understood as a start-point. That's why I'm presenting the new theories here. It should be considered as I have solved the "engineering part" of the theories.

I want to point
out now that I did have "formal training". I made Electrical Engineering where I learned about the formalities and rigors that must be applied particularly in Mathematics, Physics, Mechanics, Electricity and Magnetism. And after all my theories are all about Electricity and Magnetism!



The new theory hasn't been proven yet!

For now is only a very consistent theory that explain all the main experiments already done, even those which only Relativity explains.

The theory must be analyzed scientifically by the Scientific community.

It fills all the mathematical and physical rigor requirements I could verify but I know I'm not  infallible (by the way, I make mistakes may be everyday...) and the possibility that "adjustments" could be needed exist.

The presented propositions could become new laws of Physics after approved scientifically in form and content.



I already had a very hard work. Still much work remains to be done. Many things wait for a definitely proof. Many things wait to be developed further. Some new experiments must be done.

A list of some further developments that would be needed by the new theory is presented in the “Further Developments” section.

I have no more time, no more resources and no expertise to develop it further. I'm claiming for physicists to take that work and develop it further. I cannot do that.



“This schizophrenic attribute of the electromagnetic waves, the wave-particle duality, as was denominated, resulted in a dangerous conceptual obstacle for some years even for the more creative and original minds and still is for almost all the students. Perhaps while the subject advances it will become less confuse and more rational; all we can say is that nature is revealed to us this way”.

Frank J. Blatt  -  1991


Now the mystery is solved!

This book present a set of new splendid theories that determines a highly consistent and precise new Physics for light, the elementary particles and the basic fields and forces of nature.



            "Classical Physics is coming back, "reloaded". With some corrections, some new laws and the right structures for the elementary particles it really works now."



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