VST synths and effects


Sequin was the first synth I released after fooling around with Synthedit for a while.  I wanted to build a simple step sequencer, like the first analogue step sequencers of days-gone-by, and ended up with this...

To Download Sequin, click on the picture.

PDF manual for Sequin

Harlequin is the polyphonic version, with a couple of extra features.

Get Harlequin by clicking on the picture.

PDF manual for Harlequin



Delegate is a stereo, step-sequenced gate effect.  It can be used as an insert or as a send and is useful for all those 'trancey' type gate effects and more.  It has one special feature that sets it apart from other similar gate effects that I've seen, that is the ability to pan the audio between steps.  It's hard to explain, you have to try it.

Again, click the pic.

Filtermate is (you guessed it) a stereo filter controlled by the same 16 step sequencer found in my other VSTs.  You can see I wanted to get the most out of that sequencer.  Try it out on a sustaining synth pad sound.

The picture is the link


For the adventurous, here are some of my early experiments with Synthedit...  Use at your own risk.

Handyman - is an attempt at a multi effect

KareOkieDokie - I was trying to make something that would remove the vocal (centre) from a stereo mix by inverting one channel.  Well it didn't quite work, but it makes some interesting sounds anyway.

Mondela - is a simple, mono, modulating delay.

Tram - is a tremolo and pan effect.





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