In these pages I would like to share with you some of my current fishing experiences.

My Fishing

The sort of fishing I have done for the past thirty-five years has been carp-fishing - bivvy, boily, and bolt-rig fishing. Of late I have got into pole fishing and intend to develop rigs, tackles, and baits for 'mainstream' carping to exploit the advantages of sensitivity and presentation offered by this form of fishing. On waters hammered by conventional rigs, this may well offer an advantage not achieved by any other means.

The site is arranged by links to my sessions, and elsewhere to a discussion of Pole Fishing Theory

Center Parcs, 20th.-24th.September 2004
31-08-04, Trials and Tribulations at The Secret Lake
28-08-04, Bysing Wood, Faversham
15-08-04, Bysing Wood, Faversham
06-08-04, 24 hr. Charity Event, The Secret Lake
24-07-04, A Grand Day Out, The Secret Lake
16-07-04, The School Pool
10-07-04, The Battle of Hartleylands
25-06-04, The Secret Lake, (again)
13-06-04, The Secret Lake, somewhere in Sussex
05-06-04, The School Pool, Faversham
01-06-04, The School Pool, Faversham
22-05-04, Bysing Wood, Faversham
15-05-05, Bysing Wood, Faversham
Center Parcs, Elvedon Forest, 16th.-23rd.April
04-04-04, Impressions of my First Match - Hartleylands Farm Reservoir
18-03-04, Hartleylands Farm Reservoir
13-03-04, The 'Secret' Lake
07-03-04, Sam's Lake, Headcorn

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