Heeey! New Year, New Stuff. Hope you all had a FAB new year and Christmas. haha. Mine was great. Newyears eve was the best. Me and Sam got plastered even before we got anywhere. Made our way into town and met up with some of her friends. They're so fab. I saw loads of people I knew, Mike, Emma, LAUREN! haha, she was so drunk bless. And Sams fancyboy. DAFFYD. She was all over him bless. Me, i was a good boy. I went on all the rides. i'm so brav. HAHA Ghosthouse stylie.
This is James <33 le Boyfriend. Its almost been a month now. ahoho. Longterm stylie.

I have to go watch Jerry Springer the OPERA now, how FAB, how fab, fab fab fab.
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Oh dear.
Well it happened again. It involved me dancing A LOT, Feeling up Chris Murphy, being a total slag, Not rememerboing anyones names and being an overall drunken fool.
It was Sam Davies' 18th Birthday party, all of the asda massive were there, so were a few of le college people. I had fun. Mines a double vodka and red bull Rooster???. wtf. I have work today at 10. (its just gone 8 right now.) I dont think i'm in any fit state to serve the general public. "swusj hagscdw Cashback weienkw jkshs?"
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B A N G ! ! !
Guess what I am. God i'm a nutter.
In other news:
I Asda boy.

Turning saints into the sea
Turning through sick lullaby
Joking on your alibi
But it's just the price I pay
Destiny is calling me
Open up my eager eyes
Cause I'm Mr. Brightside ♥

Dear Blog,
Today was Great ♥ I love Tuesdays, I have no lessons until Last. Even though its I.T. with Mrs Blackwell I dont really care, because Tuesdays rock. I got up thismorning around 8.30 and finished off some homework then I headed into College, I was there by 11.10 so I hung out for 3 Hours before my lesson. I love college so much they cant get rid of me. haha. I had some happy comments about my new hair. Someone said it looked green, Cow.
I've got some Ecofreakinomics homework for the Pregnant one. It was set for over half term, but dont be so silly. I wasnt going to do it then.

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Today is Leannes Birthday <3 I got her �10 worth of H&M vouchers. The Live Busted album came out today, aswell so I bought it [Truefanstylie]
Simons Halloween Party: Oh My God. I was SO drunk Annhebriated. I didnt drink all that much...[haha] But dear lord. I was so bad. My face, arms, mouth and legs were all numb. I thought I was dying. I couldnt stop being sick and all that jazz. Dont Even Lie.
My new Job as an Asda checkout bitch rocks <3

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Oh my god! i just realised its september 11th! =(. Well, once again, i'm getting REALLY bad at keeping this blogymjigy. Yesterday I was supposed to have a group interview at Asda but they cancled it and managed to call everyone and tell them, exept me, so I was sat in the reception lke a right gimp for half an hour, whist some woman flapped about what to do. Buggers. So I wasnt too happy, I walked home in the rain. haha <3 Fuming isnt the word to use here. so, on a spur of the moment thing I went clubbingmans, with Sue, Simon, Kate, Checka and her friend Anna <3 We went to exit. funfunfun. We asked for them to play busted. they laughed at me. XD!!! I should get over this obsession soon, honest <3.
It was Mardis Gras last week! I was working in the day, so I met Lamisa in town at 7. and we went for the night, met the others inside. we had a chipper time. Back to simons house for a house partay, it was ok. but i'm in the process of repressing some parts. <3
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Righty-ho! its been like a week since last time. since then Its been Kayleighs Birthday <333 i think she had fun. We went to Liquid. we had uber fun. I bought her some candy shaped bath bombs and a shopping voucher for Etam so she can go buy the top she wanted. I've had a cold for about a week, on Tuesday (24th) me, Kayleigh, Nicola, Claudette and Emma went to see a cinderella story <333 it was a cool film, gotta love Chad. On Thursday I went with Hana to Rumney high to get her GCSE results. My God, that place is an effing hole. Me, Hana and loads of her friends We went back to one of Hanas friends houses, and they all got drunk on warm cider in her back garden. Kids these days XD. I never did like cider.
Today I worked my usual Saturday shift 12.30 - 6, there was me, Karen and Sue (from tills, not evil KILL KILL KILL sue that is the uber biatch from hell on a bike) on Pets because there was SO much backlogged stock in the warehouse and to top it all off the batleys order came in yesterday. I have to finish the stock off tomorrow. I just want to relax but I feel uneasy. and my feet hurt. I have the mother of all headaches. I wanna watch a movie <333
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WOWORZ! its bn lik ags snce i lst updtd!!! XD! hahaha. Its been really fun the last couple of days. I'm back in work and Sue Williams is on a Carribean Cruise so I have ANOTHER 2 weeks without seeing the cow <3.
Yesterday was results day, I couldnt sleep because I was so worried. I got up at 9am and I leftthe house just after 12pm to get to the college for 1pm. I got my results and I was amazed. I had:
B for Economics
B for Business Studies
D for History
A for my I.T. Module
I'm going to resit the BS1 exam I had a B for it and it Pulled down my overall grade the crappy thing is that I was one mark from a A overall.
Lucy, Me, Anna and David went for a 'celebratory' drink [hahaha XD] in the Prince of wales which ended up with me not coming until the daft hours of the night. haha.
Love <3
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Wasting Away again in Margaritaville <3
I'm back! We landed yesterday at 12.30pm, the flight back was great, it went really quick, on the main screen we had The Day After Tomorrow and Thunderbirds, we were also given these cool little TV things each. 1st class stylie. and you could select different programmes you wanted to watch. I watched Goodness Gracious me, Changing Rooms XD! and some other shows including One foot in the grave [AND I WAS PISSING MYSELF]
The holiday was great, We stayed in the Marriot Casa Magna, which was right along the Cancun Strip, with the beach on one side and the lagoon on the other. On the first day we met up with our Rep, Ged. He was really nice, and we booked some trips and activities. In the evening we went to the area at the bottom of the strip, its filled with Nightclubs, bars and restaurants. We decided to go to Carlos'n'Charlies. It was as cool as a fish <3<3<3 The food was great and the entertainment was better, they made balloon hats for everyone in the restaurant, and then joined us all up, they had us all stood up on the chairs dancing to the birdie song. The waiters would make smoke, a lot of smoke and set off fire alarms and then play fire engine sirens. the first time they did that, I shat myself, and almost ran out of the building XD! They set up a Conga line and we went out of the restaurant and around the block, i'd never laughed so much in my life. Went back there three times. We also went to Planet Hollywood, Hardrock Cafe and loads of others.
We got up to loads of stuff, we saw Chichen Itza, they're Mayan Ruins that my mum insisted on calling Chicken Itchen. We went on a Jungle tour through the Lagoon on a Jet Ski at the end we got to Snorkel and see all the little fishies. Me and my Dad rented a Jet Ski, I wanted to drive. I ended up tipping the bloody thing over, and they had to send out a rescue vehicle. I'm a daft sod on times. Then on Sunday me and my dad went on a Bananna Boat with some other people, we all nearly fell off, they be rough seas. <3

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Hey guys, right now, its 6am, and we're about to set off in 10mins. our flight it at 2.15pm.
I'll see you when I get back.


Hey Sian for when youre home =D!!

Love all 'round

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Well i'm back from town... I came home with.. Sunglasses which are uber funky, A sweatband to go with my green tshirts, New Headphones because my otherones were poo, A card and a present for teh Mrsh, New contact lenses and a suntanned face <3
I Met Jodie, Leanne and Danny, I also met Jodies friend Vicky, she is cool. She works in TGI fridays and has cool sunglasses. AND A PINK JEEP!!! I hope she adds me to MSN because she was teh coolehs. Jodie bought me a cake <3 Leanne gave her shift to Danny so, he had to go home and get ready for work at 5, Jodie left to go meet her mum. Vickys mum gave us a lift to town which I thought was REALLY nice seems as we'd only met Vicky that day.

Lurve All round <3

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I swear, the weather in this country sucks ass. I'm going out to lunch today with Leanne, Jodie and Danny i think.. and I was going to wear my NEW blazer *gleam* but it looks too warm... the sooner I become a millionare and can live somewhere else, the better.
I uploaded all the MP3s for holiday, onto my MP3 player yesterday. i've got 87 Tracks... I hope thats ok, and I dont get bored of Busted or McFly. I also lost my glasses somewhere in my room, i'll go on a hunt for them after.

I'm going shopping later, Todays Shopping List:
...Sun Glasses
...Leaving Card for Beth
...Cool T Shirt from Topman

::Room on the third floor:Not what we asked for::

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Well Well Well. That was one of the BEST weekends i've ever had. ever. ever ever, since ever. honest. I sayed over Sians house on Friday night because the bus left early to take us down to Hampshire where the concert was. Bus left Cardiff at 9am got to the Romsey, just after 12. We had to wait around a bit for the gates to open. They were meant to open at 2pm, but they didnt open until 2.45ish... we walked fast (the scary man would have shouted if we ran) to the Stage place and sat down, like everyone else. Show didnt start until 5pm. Made friends with the people by us, they're coolies. we're arranging to meet up in Cardiff or somewhere soon. 5pm came around and the first Support band to come on were .. I think they were called 5th Avenue.. they were kina like Steps... then these lame-ass girl group thing came on... they were wearing basketball vests and shorts, That says enough... They were booed. This cool group named Undecided came on!! The lead singer is Matt from busted's Brother. They kicked uber ass! McFly came om, they were so good, they looked so hot. they were just... WOW.
Busted came on stage at 8.15 and my voice had gone by 8.20. haha. There were so amazing. Sian cried when they came on <3 we filled up two disposable cameras with photos:

I was a bit aprehensive to jump up and down.. but then I thought 'haha sod it' I've never had so much fun in my life. I wanna see them again right now. They sang fake <3 it kicked butt. *dances*


The show ended at 9.30 the bus left at 10.30 so we had plenty of time to get stuff. I got some plectrums, 3 posters and a pin badge. Siany got a tshirt and a poster <3. I fell asleep on the way home, dispite the fact that i'd taken 5 pro-plus tablets. Got back into Cardiff just after 2am and we had to walk home amongst the drunk people.

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Hey! Guess what?... i'm 17!! Yeah, it was my birthday on Wednesday and it was coolies <3. I had funners. I got Money, clothes, posters of Busted <3 and A MINI FRIDGE!!! OMGWTFOMFG!!! anyway! Got up around 9ish, had my hair cut in at about mid-day. I met sian at 2 in town. she got me teh mineh fridgeh. and the best card, and photo holder. *hugs sian to teh mooneh* we shopped and I bought this secksi thing:...

It cost me enough, Sian got some more pro-plus and we took a few... we were walking around as if we'd been down the pub all day. haha. <3.
In the night I went to kayleighs house, all dressed up. I felt like a gimp, with just a shirt and no tshirt.. we went down the Whetherspoons in Canton, met Nic, Amy, Popper, Sophie, Claudette, had a few drinks... (we were quite drunk) Kayleigh was teh worst, shes great <3 after that me, kayls and Sophie went off into town. I was moaning because I get like that sometimes... we went into Edwards had a few more to drink, and then we went to the Kings Cross and there was a scary stripping drag queen, so we left there as soon as we could and to Club X i think that was fun... I got picked up at 1am... i was at home in bed sleeping by 2.30am. yay. i love being 17.
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Today is Tuesday. Hello Tuesday. Me and Mum went to the doctors this morning to get our injections for holiday, got seen to at about 9.30 so that wasnt too bad (I missed economics, which was FANTASTIC!) My arm is aching now though =(. Got back to college. I didnt have 2nd or 3rd lessons, so I hung around with Lamisa and Emily. During third lesson we went down to Albany road and um.. I bought some Pro-Plus. Great stuff.

Took two tablets when I got them and well.. I couldnt sit still, I kept getting the urges to do something fun, but we all just sat there like lemons. I was fidgeting and being amazed by random stuff. I annoyed the crap out if Emily and Lamisa, sorry guys.
For lunch we met Natasha and Becky and Becky drove us down to McDonalds in her new car, and what a secksi car it is. In McDonalds I had a McFlurry and two more Pro-Plus... yeah... then we decided to go to the range. Madness. Got back to college for 4th lesson, which was tutor for me. I was vibrating in my seat. I think everyone thought I had taken LSD or something. I felt like a right gorm... Came home on the bus. lame lame lame. Nanna and Grampy were here when I got home. I feel so awake its unbelievable. I think i'm going to re-organise my bedroom. WTF??
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Hahaha! College was GREAT. First lesson was Historyt, but it was cancled because Mr Evans is on the college trip to italy... come to think of it, so is Simon... Anyway. Second lesson was R.E. we talked about death. Death scares me. I didnt like that lesson too much... But I had a three third. myself, Lamisa, Sam, Nicky, Amanda and Jo went to albany road. We stopped off at the toy shop, look what happened:

i'm such a gimp. hahaha. I bought the new McFly album... i'm not too impressed, i thought itd be more punky... its retro 60s, not too bad i suppose... Business was cancled, so I arrived to I.T. half an hour early. Then I had work, which sucked major ass. oh well. I had a race to the bus stop. Gemma from seasonal took the bus, I walked. I WON!!!
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Dear Mr Blog,
Sorry for not talking to you recently, its just that you bored the hell out of me, so I thought it would be best if we didnt talk for a while. Anyway, i've come to my sences and have realized that you're not too bad after all. To say sorry i've given you a new set of clothes.

So... Its been a while, what have you been up to? Ive had exams and other stuff... What did you get up to today Mr Blog? I bet your day was better than mine. I worked 11.30-5, and wanted to smack Sue Willams in the face with a fish tank. Nothing much went on... i'm so boring.
I'll catch up with you tomorrow.


Andy x

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