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Hello, and welcome to my wonderful haven on the WWW.  People who know me in real life call me Andy Miner but it's much easier to remember my very clever screen name, AltoidRoy.  Yes, I love those curiously strong English mints.  This is my first experience with creating a web page so please bear with me.  So, sit back and relax.  I hope it's not too boring.
Table of Contents
News and Updates--Look here for a quick reference to all recent additions to my site.
A Short Autobiography--Discover how wonderfully exciting my life is.  Sarcastic?  Who's being sarcastic?
My Family and Friends--Lots of special people here.  Find out all about them and, oh my God, even pictures!
Selections from Andy's Current Photo Album--Just what it says.  Actually, it's me having fun with a scanner.
My Interests--Info about everything from my college (Go Jayhawks!) to my love of music (Skynyrd forever!) to SquareSoft RPGs.
My Opinions and Other Writings--I love to write, and those who know me will tell you I'm quite opinionated.  If you'd like to be amused and/or offended this is the place to go.
Classic Emails--Highly entertaining (read: funny) emails that I've sent and received.
A Collection of Links--Fun stuff, great sources of info, and some friends' pages.  Check em all out!
The Miscellany Section
If you like or hate my efforts here feel free to email me with your comments.  Also, any liberals offended by my opinion page will surely want to spew their usual nonsense, although I do not tolerate harassment.
I may detest the ACLU but that doesn't mean I can't support free speech...true First Amendment supporters unite!
Explorer?  Netscape?  Who needs em?  Take a break from monopolies and...
to discover my little Web paradise.
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