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Lion's Head is dramatiacally silhouetted during a rare Cape Town thunder storm.

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Originally, this page was simply my own effort to spread the Great Light of Freemasonry, but recently, following this website's success, the Brethren of Lodge Mutual honoured this page by unanimously voting to allow me to include the Logo of the Lodge (designed by W.Bro.Bent Bjornstad) on this page, making it the official Lodge Mutual page. Subsequently, the Companions of Royal Arch Chapter Mutual similarly honoured this page by requesting me to include the Chapter logo on the page. These pages are always under construction, so any suggestions with regard to links etc. will be very much appreciated. Both Masonic and non-Masonic visitors are more than welcome here. This page is dedicated to spreading the Light of Freemasonry, and assisting websurfers in finding answers to their questions on the Ancient Craft of Freemasonry. Try the links below, or e-mail me (address below) with your questions.


Over the years, many of our visitors have signed our guestbook. It is therefore with profound regret, that due to a high level of spam posted to our guestbook by unscrupulous webbots, we are (hopefully temporarily) unable to offer a guestbook service. This is just one way by which spammers manage to spoil the Internet for everyone else. SO FIGHT SPAM!! If any visitor has a suggestion as to how we can reinstate our guestbook in a way that can block out known spammers without costing us any money, we'd be glad to hear from you. Please feel free to e-mail our Webm@ster

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You will find answers to many questions on these pages, or at one or more of the e-m@son links. Masonic visitors: Should you find yourself in Cape Town on the 3rd Thursday of any month,(recess in December)please contact me so that you may visit my Mother Lodge, Lodge Mutual #53 on the roll of the Grand Lodge of South Africa, meeting in the Phiroze Gorvalla Temple, Bouquet Street, Cape Town. If you are in Cape Town at any other time, I will be only too pleased to forward you details of Lodges which will be working on any given day. Also, pause a while to surf the Cape Town links to learn more about this beautiful city.

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