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Hi, this website has been redeveloped and will gradually update over time.
Please let me know if there are any links that don't work or if you experience any other problems.

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Nintendo My Stuff Links

Nintendo Page
This page contains things related to Nintendo.
Such links include my N64 cheats and codes page, Perfect Dark TV spots, links to Nintendo's home page as well as other sites related to Nintendo.
Some of my comments and issues about Nintendo are also mentioned here.

My Stuff Page
This page contains a range of images and video clips, which I have collected over the past years. Most of the material here I find cool or clever.

My Funnies Page
This page contains a collection of material such as images and video clips, which I have found quite funny. Most have been sent to me via email at one stage and so I do not claim ownership of any of the material.

Links Page
This page contains other links to pages and sites that interest me.
These include links to some of my friends sites and other more official sites such as sites about The Simpsons and movies.
Communication Page
This page is where you can send me any questions, suggestions or comments about my site. You can also link to some of Australia's email clients to check your email.
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