Andy Glew @ Geocities

This is Andy Glew's website at Geocities. Its main purpose was to hold my curriculum vita - a very verbose approximation to my ressume, approximately 11 pages. Also a much shorter resume, approximately 1 page.

The content of the resume and CV site was updated 2005 July 26. In February 2009 I removed the old copies of these documents from geocities, and am making the Google docs copy the "authoritative" versions. I am keeping this web page around in case people have stale links - and in case Yahoo's edit system becomes better.

More up-to-date versions of my resume and CV may be found on Google Docs:

It's rather sad: Google Docs has a better editor, but Yahoo GeoCities allows me to have more meaningful URLs.

You may find other, stale, websites for Andy Glew scattered around the web, often at schools I attended where my old web pages live, but where I can no longer log on. E.g. UWisc. These stale pages may have some useful data not represented here, since Geocities is more restrictive, in disk space and convenience, than a university website, but the resumes are out of date.

Similarly, Andy used to work at Intel MRL, where there was Andy's MRL bio. MRL's web site was particularly limited: it was never actually editable by Andy, only by the MRL webmaster.

For an example of a web based system that is easier to maintain, look at Ward Cunningham's wiki, e.g. Andy's wiki home page. Google docs isn't so bad - hence my switching over to it.

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